Jiji Coupons Are Fakes! Be Careful And Beware Of Scammers!

Dear users of Jiji, the largest online marketplace in Nigeria!

Recently, we have spotted several cases of Jiji coupons distribution on the Internet. These coupons allegedly offer huge discounts on purchases on the site. We just want to bring clarity to the situation: coupons are spread by scammers, Jiji itself has never offered and does not plan to offer any kind of coupons and discounts on products of users that place ads.

Be careful! If you find similar messages on the Web, please send screenshots to our support team- [email protected].

Let’s make Jiji online shopping as secure as possible!

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1. Jiji coupon code is a fake! Be careful!

We bring to your attention that in connection with the policy of the site and the fact that Jiji is hosting the most profitable offers on the whole Web, the largest online marketplace Jiji does not provide any coupons for discounts. All the discounts that you can find on the Internet on third-party Internet resources are nothing more than fakes, another attempt of scammers to earn money by tricking naive users!

Jiji does not provide any discount coupons. This means that you should stay away from all those sites that claim to offer coupons or Jiji promo code!

2. DO NOT let scammers make a fortune by deceiving users!

Jiji has never offered and does not offer any Jiji coupons because our site is the largest site of free ads, a platform for placing ads on the products and services offered by real users.

Therefore, we can not in any way offer coupons for discounts for buying goods!

3. Help us make Jiji online shopping even safer!

Dear users of Jiji! We appreciate your safety, and therefore, we ask for your help to stop scammers from deceiving our users.

Therefore, we ask you the to do following – if you stumble on offers about Jiji coupons or promotional codes for discounts on the Web, please make one thing from the following:

  • Make a screenshot and send it to our [email protected];
  • Send a link to the post/website where you saw the coupon / promotional code message.

Thus, we will be able to post information about scammers in the relevant section of the website and warn everyone about the danger!

We are always concerned about the safety of our users, and every type of fraud will be severely punished!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! We wish you successful shopping on Jiji buy and sell!

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