Little Bride Dresses: Cute Ideas For A Wedding

In every country and culture, children are welcome at weddings, especially the baby girls who are called little brides or flower girls. These girls are responsible for handling the train of the bride’s wedding gown, carrying flower arrangements, and generally being adorable.

A lot of effort goes into styling the little brides for the event, as they should look cute and age-appropriate, but also match the theme and style of the wedding. Check out some of the best ideas on flower girl dresses in Nigeria you can borrow for your big day!

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1. Tutu dresses

If there is one thing that unites all little girls, it’s the fact that they all love tutu skirts and dresses. That is why so many little bride dresses feature a tutu skirt. In case you pick a tutu dress for the flower girl and a streamlined and understated wedding gown for the bride, it will mean that the two dresses won’t fully match – but as long as both are enjoying their looks, it doesn’t really matter.

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2. Floor-length dresses

If you’re planning to hold a top-notch event with a strict dress-code and prefer a more traditional approach to dressing little brides, then floor-length flower girl dresses are your best choice. These gowns appear very regal and make the little brides look as sophisticated and fashionable as the bride, which the guests, the bride, and the flower girls themselves will totally love.

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3. Casual dresses

In case you are opting for a more casual event and want to keep things as simple as possible you need little bride dresses in Nigeria that will match the relaxed vibe of the event. Luckily, picking casual girls flower dresses won’t be a problem at all, as this style is rather popular with modern brides who don’t want a wedding that is too fancy and requires too much effort.

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4. Colorful dresses

It’s no secret that Nigerian little bride dresses for a traditional wedding are usually white or have an off-white color to match the bride’s white gown. However, you can always pick a different color scheme and choose a brightly-colored little bride gown for your flower girl. If you’re not ready to commit to a wholly bright dress, you can leave it white and add some colorful accents.

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5. Designer flower girl dresses

If you’re sparing no expense for your dream wedding and want everything to be luxurious and exclusive, then check out little bride dresses made by famous wedding fashion designers. You can order a copy of the bridal gown for the flower girl to have a fully matching look, or choose one of the thousands of gorgeous designer little bride gowns available today.

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