How To Make Omotola Wig-Inspired Hairstyle

It has been less than a year since the iconic Nigerian celebrity, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, stepped out in a new wig for her birthday. Since then Nigerian fashionistas have tried everything to recreate the hairstyle that made it to dozens of fashion magazines and websites.

Omotola is widely known for her exquisite taste in hairstyles, but the greatest thing about this particular Omotola hairstyle is that it works for all occasions and face types, which makes it one of the most universal way to style your hair. Find out how to make Omotola wig-inspired hair!

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1. Omotola wig style

In order to find out how to recreate one of the most famous hairstyles of the year, we need to know what exactly that hairstyle is. A quick look at the hairstyle reveals that it’s based on a shoulder length bob wig and features large curls and bangs.

It’s safe to say that this wig style is inspired by vintage hairstyles, as short curly bobs with bangs were the hottest way to style hair back in the 1980s. However, Omotola successfully incorporated the vintage trend into her everyday style.

The hairstyle introduced by Omotola not only became a huge hit among Nigerian ladies looking for new ideas to style their hair, but also among other celebrities. Just look at Nollywood actresses like Mercy Aigbe and Funke Akindele, who couldn’t stay away from the trend everyone is talking about.

2. How to make Omotola wig hairstyle

If out of all Omotola hair styles you especially loved the short curly bob, you can easily recreate it on your natural hair or your favorite wig. It will be especially easy if you’re already wearing your hair in a bob, although you can do it with longer hair by playing with the size of the curls.

There are two ways to turn straight or wavy hair into cute and trendy curls. The longer one is the use of curlers, which need to be put on your hair when it’s about 80% dry after washing and already has your favorite styling product. Divide hair into strands and turn each strand around the curler. Leave to dry, take off the curlers, separate the curls with your fingers without using a brush, and apply a coat of hairspray to make your beautiful curls last longer.

A slightly faster and easier way to create the coveted curls is to use a curling iron. In order to ensure your hair doesn’t become too damaged from the heat, use a heat protection spray before using the curler. Curl your hair with the iron strand by strand, fixating the end result with hairspray. Use your fingers and a styling product to create some extra volume on the back of the head.

3. Omotola Jalade hairstyles

As one of the most beloved Nigerian celebrities, Omotola has always been an inspiration when it comes to hairstyles. If you want to change the way your hair looks and try one of the Omotola hairstyles, here are a few of the best ones she’s worn in the recent years.

Straightened, full and glossy hair have always been one of the simplest yet chic hairstyles, and Omotola looks just perfect with her hair down.

Here Omotola decided to go for a half-updo look, which is an ideal choice for special occasions where your hair needs to look as glamorous as the rest of your outfit.

Omotola loves to style her hair into loose waves, which are not only super easy to create with the help of a hair dryer and a round brush, but also one of the most versatile hairstyles that look awesome in any setting.

Beach waves are a classic, sexy and effortless summer look, and Omotola knows how to work it to her advantage. Here she added a wet effect to her beach waves to make it look like she’s just stepped out of the ocean.

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