Mike Adenuga House In Banana Island

Real estate has always been one of the most popular ways for rich people to invest their money, which is why the wealthiest Nigerian businessmen, politicians, and celebrities have at least one stunning mansion.

Mike Adenuga house in Banana Island is one of the most beautiful pieces of property ever owned by a Nigerian, and it’s certainly worth looking at. Check out what may be the most beautiful house in Nigeria right now!

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1. Who is Mike Adenuga?

Mike Adenuga currently holds the title of the second richest person in Nigeria, with only Aliko Dangote being ahead of him in net worth. Mike Adenuga is the founder and owner of Globacom, the second largest telecom operator in Nigeria, as well a stakeholder in several financial and oil enterprises.

Adenuga started his career as a taxi driver with a dream to save money for education, which is why his success story is even more impressive. Today he owns a house that is worth ₦8,000,000,000 and two private jets, which is a true inspiration for anyone dreaming of succeeding.

With several successful businesses and the continuously growing personal net worth, Dr. Adenuga prefers not to show off his wealth. However, a comfortable and beautiful house is a necessity rather than a luxury, and in a second you’ll find out where Nigeria’s second richest man lives.

2. Mike Adenuga house photo

Mike Adenuga house is much more than just a house – it’s more of an estate where he can not only live with his whole family but also accommodate as many guests as he likes and hold massive public events.

Mike Adenuga mansion consists of 9 luxury duplexes, with 8 of them being reserved for guests and family members, while the ninth one is used by Dr. Adenuga himself as a personal residence with a lavish home office.

The estate has intense security with two watch towers for improved safety of the owners. Additional facilities include a 200-seat meeting hall, a church, a mosque, a yacht deck, an indoor swimming pool, a helipad, and a car pack. Mike Adenuga house Banana Island sits on about 3 hectares of land. As you can see, being one of the richest men in Nigeria certainly has its benefits.

3. Celebrity houses in Banana Island

Now that you’ve seen the most expensive house in Banana Island, Lagos, check out some of the most beautiful and expensive houses in the area that belong to other rich and famous Nigerians.

Linda Ikeji, a popular gossip and celebrity blogger, owns one of the prettiest Banana Island houses. Her mansion is worth ₦800,000,000 and is not the biggest one in the neighborhood, but it still has everything required for feeling comfortable at home.

P-Square, who is a famous Nigerian music duo consisting of Peter and Paul Okoye, are also homeowners to a beautiful mansion in the Banana Island. This house is very light and airy, decorated and furnished according to the latest trends, and has a fabulous home cinema.

Sayyu Dantata, the brother of Nigeria’s wealthiest man Aliko Dangote, is the owner of one of the biggest mansions in Banana Island. Dantata’s estate is located right near Mike Adenuga’s house and can easily compete with it in terms of beauty, comfort, and luxury.

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