20 Nigerian Natural Hair Styles 2017 To Keep Your Hair Healthy

A lot of fashionable Nigerian hairstyles 2017 are based on hair extensions. Especially crochet braids, that require a lot of work and time to make. Although these latest hairstyles in Nigeria are gorgeous, they can be pretty damaging to your own natural hair. If you don’t want to sacrifice your health, there are quite a lot of great natural hairstyles in Nigeria that you could use. This article will help you to learn how to style natural hair easily and to be beautiful without any artificial help.

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The originality and beauty of your hairstyle are limited only by the power of your imagination. Here are only a few examples of Nigerian natural hair styles you could incorporate:

1. Milkmaid braid

This style creates somewhat innocent and pretty look. Its main features are two free lock in front and two braids wrapped on top of your head. Front locks will beautifully frame your face, while the braid up-do will finish the look. This hairstyle was fairly popular in small villages in Europe, which is where its name comes from.

2. The Mohawk

If you want to know, how to style short natural hair and you’re not afraid of bold decisions, then this hairstyle is just for you. Mohawk has always been a style for rebels so this style will make you fill independent and full of energy. It will also turn a lot of heads to you, especially if you’ll find an appropriate clothing style.

3. Curly afro

This style is the best for transitioning to natural hair in Nigeria. You can take more of a modern take on the Afro, popular in the 80s. Use fewer hair products to make it less structured, but apply enough moisturizer to make your hair softer and freer.

4. Braid and tuck

This natural hair style looks really tidy and simple and it is great for your everyday activities. To make it, you need to braid two braids above your eyebrows and then tuck the rest of your hair under them. If you don’t know, how to pack natural hair, just use hairpins. If your hair is stiff, make this hairdo in the evening and leave it covered through the night.

5. High bun

This fairly simple hairstyle is great for both short and long hair. Its high disposition displaces the attention to your eyes and lifts your face as a whole. To make it you will need a big sock bun and a few hair pins. However, there are methods of doing it without these additional tools, but they usually include using some type of hair products.

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