P Square House In Banana Island: Something The World Can’t Stop Talking About!

P square house in Banana Island is something folks are interested in as much as in guys’ music.

Peter & Paul Okoye of P-Square are the most popular singing duo In Africa. The guys are known to survive a breakup and make it all up again. This resulted in a new series of awesome music. These guys are young, famous and rich – so they don’t have to keep their private life a secret!

The brothers have recently purchased a magnificent mansion in Banana Island, Lagos. So let’s get inside the madly luxurious P square private mansion and take a good look around!

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1. Intro

The mansion costs approximately 1.5 billion naira. Peter & Paul Okoye’s extended family lives there: their elder brother and manager, Jude Engees Okoye as well as their spouses and kids.

The interior impresses with its ultra-modern sophisticated design while the surrounding neighborhood – Banana Island – overwhelms with its majestic splendor and affluence. The prices for renting property on Banana Island start at N7 million.

2. P square house: about the mansion

P-Square’s mansion consists of 3 floors with 6 en-suite bedrooms, a master suite and a huge bathroom suite as well as two enormous living rooms, a room for watching movies, a gym, a washroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious larder, a pool and a music studio.

3. P square mansion in banana island: the interior

  • Paul and Peter Okoye are big art-lovers and have colorful and sophisticated paintings all around their home. For instance, there is an orange, yellow and black painting over a gray sofa set in the lounge area on the second floor. There are other bright paintings in the bar and in other rooms.
  • There is also a collection of refined sculpture comprising vibrant-colored vases, a tiny elephant, unique mirrors and a gorgeous piano.
  • While the ground floor is styled in catchy bright colors, the first floor’s theme is silver artifacts and sculptures. There are a silver Jaguar and silver vases as well as opulent decorations, making the twins’ mansion look like a king’s palace.
  • The kitchen is decorated in white and red: red chairs are situated around a snow white table with a red vase and red pendant lights.

4. P square mansion: what is the cost of utilities?

A mansion like this will cost you between N1.8 and N3 million (without the price of the rent).

Only the electricity bill will be around N184,500 per month if you use a generator for 24 hours every day.

5. P square house and cars: you must see this!

6. The birthday party

Celebrities normally pamper themselves with chic birthday presents, so twins from P-square gave themselves this awesome house for their 35th birthday!

Among the most successful celebrities that visited the birthday party are Aliko Dangote, Freda Francis, Omoni Oboli, AY Makun and others.

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