POP Designs For Living Room In Nigeria That Will Make Your Guests Jealous

POP (plaster of Paris), also known as gypsum, is a material that has been used in Europe since the Medieval times for different types of work. Most notably, it was popular among the artists of Renaissance as a perfect material for the decoration of walls and ceilings of cathedrals and palaces. A lot of time has passed by, but the POP design remains a popular choice of decoration.

And why wouldn’t they be, as POP designs for living room add some sophistication and delicacy to the overall style of the room? If you are interested in this kind of stuff or just want to try something like this in your house, take a look at these pop ceiling design photos in Nigeria.

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There are lots of styles and forms of the latest POP design, so here are only a few of them:

1. Futuristic POP designs

Futurism as a stylish movement has appeared in the early 20th century, and it has impressed a lot of people, from artists and architects to writers and movie makers. It definitely is a fun and unique style and you can easily remake your house into fitting it using the POP ceiling designs in Nigeria. These designs usually either have a strictly defined geometric form or free flowing lines in it. Neon lights are often used to make it look even cooler.

2. Floral designs

Natural themes have always been popular in in-house styling, they allow to create a feeling of an open space and to make you feel like you’re outside. POP ceiling designs for living room can be made in this style too, and they look exceptionally beautiful when their style matches the style of the whole room.

3. Ceiling and wall designs

These POP designs for a living room in Nigeria are probably the hardest ones to make, but they look really gorgeous. The idea is to make a continuous design, that starts from the floor and spreads on walls onto the ceiling. The ornament doesn’t have to be really refined, even the simplest lines will make your living room unique and fun and add some depth to the overall atmosphere.

4. Minimalistic designs

A lot of the POP designs in Nigeria are made really epic and massive – they can cover the whole ceiling. However, a minimalistic approach can be as effective and impressive, if not more. Simple geometric shapes and recognizable symbols can cover only a small part of the huge room, yet still, draw a lot of attention to themselves.

5. Light incorporating designs

Although almost all of the latest POP ceiling designs for a home have to somehow incorporate sources of light in them, there are some that do an amazing and mind-blowing job in it. You can say that it’s their main purpose, these designs perfectly add together texture and light to make the best and most original ornament possible.

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