Richest Igbo Man Nigeria: Who Is He?

Nigerian land is full of outstanding personalities, including savvy businessmen who made a fortune and became part of the world’s richest 1% of the population. Many of Nigerian wealthiest men have Igbo origins, which is not surprising, considering how large the Igbo community in Nigeria is.

Find out who is the richest man in Igbo land and see other Igbo people who have made it big right now!

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Before we move on to the list of the richest Igbo natives, it’s important to note one thing. Often you can see “Top 20 richest Igbo man” articles that name Aliko Dangote as the wealthiest Igbo man. However, this is not true – Mr. Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria but has a different origin. Continue reading and learn the truth about the most successful Igbo people!

7. Emeka Offor

Sir Emeka Offor was born in Kafanchan and has become the seventh richest Igbo man thanks to his blooming oil business. Emeka Offor doesn’t forget about his humble roots – he became a philanthropist and has his own charity organization.

Emeka Offor

6. Leo Stan Ekeh

In the land where oil is the biggest commodity, Leo Stan Ekeh achieved his wealth in an unusual way – by founding Zinox Technologies Limited, a company that produces computers and other technology goods, and becoming the leader of the Nigerian IT scene.

Leo Stan Ekeh

5. Tony Ezenna

Like any other richest Igbo man Nigeria, Tony Ezenna was very lucky to find his own niche. The fifth wealthiest businessman of Igbo people made a name for himself by starting a pharmaceutical company after years of working in a family chemist’s shop.

Tony Ezenna

4. Cletus Ibeto

Chief Cletus Ibeto comes from Nnewi, a city renowned for its entrepreneurial life and business opportunities. Mr. Ibeto started by importing spare parts for cars, and over the years his empire grew into a huge company specializing in producing oil lubricants and other petroleum products.

Cletus Ibeto

3. Pascal Dozie

Before becoming a renowned business king, Pascal G. Dozie received education in London. Over the years of his glittering career, Pascal G. Dozie has owned business in various branches of economy, in addition to being a respected consultant and one of the savviest economists in Nigeria.

Pascal Dozie

2. Cosmas Maduka

Mr. Maduka started his career at the age of 7 as an apprentice to a car mechanic and has worked every day of his life since then. Nowadays Cosmas Maduka owns Coscharis Group, an enormous conglomerate of companies that deal with cars, auto parts, IT, agriculture, and petrochemical industry.

Cosmas Maduka

1. Orji Uzor Kalu

The number one among the richest men in Nigeria is Orji Uzor Kalu, a man who currently owns two of Nigeria’s most popular newspapers in addition to serving as a governor of Abia state for 8 years. Orji Uzor Kaly is one of the few wealthy Nigerian who has not only business aspirations but also political ambitions.

Orji Uzor Kalu

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