How To Start An Online Store In Nigeria: Best Advices From Aces

About 40% of all buyers go online to buy clothing. Therefore, online fashion business in Nigeria is a very promising start-up!

However, you first need to find out what customers are ready to buy without trying on and familiarize yourself with the nuances of creating an online store and its promotion.

Let us go into detail about how to start an online store selling clothes and get the expected income in no time!

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1. Business plan for fashion design company

A boutique business plan is the first thing you need to start with. It will help you with:

  • Setting goals: turnover; amount of sales; market share;
  • Initial costs: payment for hosting; CMS installation; design development;
  • Monthly investments: payment for hosting; Internet Marketing; staff salaries;
  • Niche choice: competition; the prospect of expansion; Availability of suppliers;
  • Market analysis: demand potential and dynamics; growth prospects; characteristics of the audience.

A well-crafted online boutique business plan is the starting point of a long-term planning of your success.

2. Starting an online boutique: choosing a niche

An online clothing boutique is considered to be one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria today.

The purpose: to offer clothes that are in the greatest demand:

  • Baby clothes (+ accompanying goods. like diapers, pacifiers, bottles, and strollers);
  • Teen clothes- designer T-shirts, outfits for subcultures;
  • Overalls (fishing, hunting, tourism, and sports);
  • Uniform for waiters and medical workers, employees of hotels and hairdressers, schoolchildren;
  • Evening and wedding dresses.

3. Online fashion business: suppliers

Purpose: to establish contacts with companies/distributors:

  • Cooperation with foreign suppliers. Pros: clothes are cheaper and better quality, the responsibility rests with the suppliers. Cons: wholesale purchase must be prepaid;
  • Independent delivery / through reliable suitcase traders. Pros: you will save on buying goods. Cons: problems with the transportation of bulk consignments.

4. How to start a fashion business from home: delivery

Purpose: to ensure high-quality effective delivery:

  • Courier services;
  • Delivery by mail (for distant areas);
  • Pros: inspection of the goods by the customer prior to purchase ( an increase of confidence), saving on delivery.

5. How to start a clothing business with no money: a platform for an online boutique

Purpose: to create a convenient, workable and functional Internet site:

  • Free CMS is optimal to try.
  • Renting SaaS – start with an inexpensive fare. Pros: you will rent an already operating store. Cons: the impossibility of changes; various limitations. The way out would be to switch to a more expensive tariff.
  • Renting SaaS with the option of buying it. Pros: no renting expenses; the possibility to change the design, services, and modules.
  • Buying an engine –you can try catching a bargain. Get a specialized solution for e-commerce.
  • Development of the store by a web studio. Pros: you get a bespoke product designed according to all of your requirements; guaranteed quality, promotion services. Cons: large expenses.

6. How to create an online store that works: promotion of the store

Purpose: store promotion, becoming a TOP business.

Use the services of Web-studios. At the same time, you can promote your store in social media – this is a very effective solution!

6. 5 basic tips for a successful online store

  1. Correct usability, informative content.
  2. Interactive support.
  3. Quality assurance, certificates, refunds.
  4. Additional features: online demonstration of how to style clothes, discounts for the second item, bonuses.
  5. The presence effect: send personalized tempting offers to your large customers. Notify them of new arrivals and hot offers.

7. Profitability

A talented seller with technical skills will get the total payback in only 2 months.

With a minimum investment of $3-5000 (the majority of which will be spent on the purchase of goods), the profit from the store with 500 units of goods will make $1300-1500 per month on average.

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