Summer Hat Trends 2017 – The Most Stylish Beach Wear

Summer fashion season is at its height right now, which means that you should get an update on the latest fashion trends of this season. One of the most important parts of the great summer outfit are summer hats for women. Not only they will complete your summer look, but they also will be able to save you from direct sun rays and possible heat stroke. That’s why here are some types of sun hats that will be popular this summer.

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1. Big brimmed cap

This type of beach hats has always been looked at as a part of more modern and careless style. This spirit works great for a fun summer outfit, plus it serves as a great protection from the sun. These hats also often have a curve on the back so they won’t mess up your hair. If you want to look younger and cooler, this will be the best summer hat for you.

2. Hats with big floppy brim

This beach hat can be really huge – up to 50 cm in diameter! This means that it will almost completely cover your face – it will be one of the best sun hats. Another great thing about the floppy brim is that you can easily fold it without being afraid to damage the hat. Get this hat if you want to add a somewhat mysterious and enigmatic feel to your look.

3. Striped hats

Apparently, strips are the newest trend right now. And the striped hat is definitely a part of it. Black, red, blue and white stripes are the most basic and, nevertheless, the most popular choice in this case. Buying a striped straw hat will be the best variant, as this material is light and it is the best for the hot weather.

4. Fedoras

This hat is often treated as a meme, but it looks really good. They are one of the best hats for round faced females, as its shape has a bit of a slimming effect. One of the more popular trends is a fedora with a chevron band. This geometrical ornament really adds a lot to the overall style of the hat and the outfit at all.

5. Cotton hats

These hats are very light and fun. It is easy to make them and to color them, that’s why there are a lot of bright and colorful variations of them. They are probably the best beach wear, as they allow your head to breath, you can easily pack them and you can also easily wash them from any type of stain.

6. Straw hat with fringed edges

Fringed edges give to your hat sort of free and rebellious feel. You can also look like a person with a fun personality, which is definitely a good thing. Although it won’t go well with some seriously stylish outfit, you will be able to have fun with your look, which is always great, as it will make you look unique and personal.

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