How To Tie Rose Gele: Full Tutorial

Gele is an essential part of a Nigerian woman’s look. Ladies love to wear their Gele everywhere, including their own weddings and weddings of their loved ones. Plus, Gele tying is an art of its own.

The Gele tradition is very old, but there are new Gele styles coming out every now and then. The latest Gele craze is called Rose Gele, which was invented by Funmilola Olurinola, a Lagos-based stylist and makeup artist. Find out how to tie Rose Gele right now!

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1. What is Rose Gele?

Rose Gele is a variation on the traditional Nigerian Gele. It was invented for ladies who were somewhat bored with wearing their Gele the same way for years and wanted to try something new. That is why Rose Gele is also known as the Avant Garde Gele, and if you want to know how to tie Avant Garde Gele, you’ve come to the right place.

Rose Gele is also frequently called Ascot Gele due to the way it resembles the elaborate hats worn by celebrities at the annual Royal Ascot event. Check out how to tie Ascot Gele and enjoy your regal and sophisticated look at the next wedding you’re invited to.

To tie Rose Gele, you won’t need any additional items or accessories – just your usual Gele fabric and pins you use to secure the Gele after wrapping it. However, intricate Gele tying may be a great time to show off the new stunning Gele fabric you’ve always wanted to buy.

how to tie Ascot Gele

2. Steps on how to tie Rose Gele

As you’ll see in just a couple of minutes, tying Rose Gele is nothing to be intimidated by: practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll be tying your Rose Gele like a pro! Follow these steps for an ideal look.

  1. Take your Gele and hold it at the back of your head with equal sides of the Gele pulled to the front.
  2. Tie the Gele firmly in the front.
  3. Take one end of the Gele and wrap it around your hand, securing the loose end with a hairpin.
  4. Take the remaining end of the Gele and wrap it around the tie, so that it resembles a rose. To make the shape more rose-like, you can put your hands between the old and the new curves for a more voluminous look.
  5. When you run out of fabric, secure the shape with hairpins and style it the way you want it to look on your head: some ladies wear their Rose Gele closer to the front of the head, while others prefer to move it to the back.

Steps on how to tie Rose Gele

3. Rose Gele video tutorial

Take a look at this video Rose Gele tutorial to get an even better idea on how to style Gele in the trendiest and prettiest way possible.

African Rose Gele Style

As a wedding Guest that wants to stand out at your next party, this tutorial will help you achieve your aim without hassle.

4. How to tie Orente Gele

Orente Gele is another relatively new way to wear the traditional Gele. Orente Gele has one major difference from the rest of the Gele styles: in the middle of the Gele there is a rope that is used for assembling it in the shape you want. Find the steps on tying Orente Gele below.

  1. Place the Gele at the back of your head with the rope strictly in the middle and move the loose ends of the Gele to the front of your head.
  2. Gather the Gele in a flower-like shape and hold it tightly. Secure the shape with the rope.
  3. Take the remaining ends of the Gele and tuck them underneath the central part.
  4. Adjust the Orente Gele in its final shape and move it around your head the way you wish – for example, to the side of your head.
  5. Finally, your Orente Gele is ready to shine at the event you’re attending.

How to tie Orente Gele

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