Toke Makinwa Bleaching: Before And After Photos

Toke Makinwa is a famous Nigerian TV and radio personality, she is known as a hostess of multiple programs and events throughout the years. She is also a bestselling author and has her own pretty big Youtube channel, where she posts blogs describing her life.

Overall, her fame is undeniable, and she draws a lot more attention to herself around half a year ago, when she has published her autobiographical book “On Becoming”. One of the reasons for such a success of the book was all the details about the star’s personal life.

One of these details was a revelation of how Toke bleached her skin for her now ex-husband. Here are some Toke Makinwa before and after pictures that will impress you.Toke Makinwa before and after pictures

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Nollywood stars bleaching their skin is not really any news anymore. This trend has taken over a long time ago and it continues to be fairly popular among famous people as well as among common folk. Skin bleach before and after photos sometimes are really impressive and you wouldn’t believe that this is the same person.Nollywood stars bleaching

Toke Makinwa bleaching pictures are impressive as well. Although you couldn’t say that from ugly duckling she has turned into a beautiful swan. She has always had very great features and beautiful appearance, but she definitely looks very different on her after pictures. Her beauty could be described as more mature and sophisticated.Toke Makinwa bleaching

Bleaching creams and other bleaching methods can include dangerous substances, that’s why there are some cases of Nollywood actresses skin bleaching gone wrong. But this clearly is not the case, because Toke still looks gorgeous and a lot of general audiences didn’t even notice her doing something with her skin. This means that either Toke Makinwa’s bleaching cream is the best bleaching cream in Nigeria or she used services of a very good plastic surgeon.

In the past, the star has been advertising skin bleaching products from the Mecran cosmetics. There might be no connection between this line of cosmetics and procedure Toke has come through, but it is possible that these products have helped her in this transformation.

Although Toke has done this procedure to impress her now-ex-husband, she definitely shouldn’t regret doing this. Her decision didn’t make her any less gorgeous, and it seems that she feels even more beautiful and self-confident. And really, it is the only thing that matters. You shouldn’t try to be better for someone else, just push yourself to be better for you.

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