Top 6 Of The Most Beautiful Female Singers In Nigeria

Nigeria is known for its diverse and great music scene. There are a lot of beautiful and talented people that make you proud for your country. But one of the true gems of Nigerian music industry is all the Nigerian female singers.

It is really astonishing how gorgeous they are and how unbelievably remarkable they perform their songs on stage. It is very difficult to determine, who is the most beautiful female musician in Nigeria, but we will try to at least narrow it down to this list of the hottest female musicians.

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1. Yemi Alade

This Nigerian artist, most known as a winner of Peak Talent Show of 2009, is pretty hot. She has amazing charisma and is known for her great sense of style. You will definitely like her performance, too, as she has some great moves – she knows, how to use her body.Yemi Alade

2. Simi

This Nigerian singer may not be as hot in a traditional sense, but her expressive and sensual style makes her look sexy in all her performances and in every one of her music videos. Her clothing is also always on point, which only adds to her beauty. Simi

3. Emma Nyra

You definitely won’t be able to turn your eyes away from the beauty of this American-born Nigerian singer. Emma has a smoking hot body and she is not afraid to use it, as she is not only a professional singer but also an actress and a model. Her dance moves will also hypnotize you. Summing up, she is definitely one of the most beautiful female singers in Nigeria.Emma Nyra

4. Niyola

Niyola is a singer with a very beautiful and very feminine voice, and it really suits her. She looks gorgeous everywhere she appears, her performances are always well-choreographed and she definitely knows, how to behave in front of a crowd. She definitely deserves her place as one of the most beautiful female musicians.Niyola

5. Muna

It is no wonder that this beauty pageant turned rapper-performer is in this list. She has been decided to be one of the most beautiful women in Nigeria overall, so she obviously is one of the most beautiful singers in Nigeria. Muna has also made herself a career as a model and TV presenter, which only proves this point.Muna

6. Tiwa Savage

This RnB queen definitely knows, how to take care of herself, as it is really impressive for a woman in her late 30s to look like she does. Tiwa really deserves her place on this list, she is an accomplished artist and a gorgeous woman. Not only her body is hot, she surely knows, what suits her and can easily create new fashion trends with her stylish looks.Tiwa Savage

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