Turban Styles: The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Stunning Look!

Turban scarf aka head-wrap started in sub-Saharan Africa to become the symbol of wealth, humbleness and spirituality both among women and men. This has been their way to express their social status without saying a word about it.

The variety of turban styles allows everyone to create a unique look – and in this post we have selected the most striking models of wraps and ways to wear them!

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1. Turban womens styles: the most fantabulous looks

1.1. «The sugar Hippie»

To create this super easy and chic look, you just have to fold the fabric as much as you need and wrap around with a knot behind until it’s comfy. Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up having a headache.

The band could also be folded thinner to show more of your forehead for even cuter look!

1.2. «The classy look»

This is one of the trendiest turbans styles.

The girls wear this one tucking all the hair under the wrap. It’s a win-win look that will make you both stylish and classy. Simply make sure that your hair or braids are brushed back to open more of your face.

1.3. «The quintessential Hipster»

This one looks a lot like the classic style but with a little of loose hair. You can wear this look to a festival especially if you have tresses to show off.

Simply cover your head with the wrap and tie the ends at your forehead. Afterwards wrap again and again and finally tuck!

1.4. «The Queen of Egypt»

This is a unique and refined look. First, make a band from the scarf, wrap it around the head and make a cute bow at the side of your head. Then simply hide one of the bow ends and you’re done!

1.5. «The quick chic»

As the title implies, this style will come handy when you’re in a hurry but need to look cute anyway. Simply pull your tresses into two big twists and wrap the scarf either entirely over the head or into a band! You’re ready to rock!

1.6. «90’s Afro style»

This style is suitable for a date or a hen party. You will be simply gorgeous wherever you go with this twist coming out in the front coupled with a high puff at the top! You will definitely be the queen of the night!

1.7. Fashion turban: «the Loc’d up Lady»

To create this look, tie your hair up in a high ponytail and start wrapping the scarf. Finish off by placing the ends at the top! You rock, sista!

1.8. «Nefertiti stylish head wrap»

This one is everyone’s favorite. The trick of the style is to place an under-scarf to give the shape to this fantastic look. It’s especially suitable for shorter hair but can be performed on long hair too. A true look for a real queen!

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2. How to tie turban step by step

Nigerian Turban Tutorial

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3. Velvet turban: trending urban style

If you opt for suede or velvet fabric for your turban, you won’t go wrong! This fabric suits any outfit fits the head perfectly and looks amazing! Another bonus – it’s soft to touch!

4. Pearled turban: a sign of elegance and chic

A pearled turban is a fantastic accessory to your exquisite look! It will make you look elegant and glamorous at the same time. You will become the center of everyone’s attention, especially at parties or important events.

Most of the African head wrap styles look even cooler with this turban type.

5. Beaded turban tutorial


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