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Weavon Styles To Fix: Best Detailed Manual

Even if you already know a lot about the most recent weavon styles to fix you can still find something fascinating in this post!

Although this seems at first an extremely challenging task, fixing a hair weavon can easily be done at home if you have the minimum of knowledge, a few essential supplies, and a great amount of patience.

As it turns out, the procedure of fixing weavon is not that complicated, and you will be incredibly pleased with the results if you follow this ultimate step-by-step tutorial on how to fix weavon hair style!

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1. Different styles of fixing human hair

There is a multitude of the latest weavon fixing styles but we want to show you the most basic and common ones.

1.1. Fusion weave

This popular weaving technique is otherwise called strand bonding technique with hair strands woven into the natural hair. This way they will last you longer than hair extensions fixed with glue. The fusion techniques are cold bonding or thermal bonding.

This weavon type may seem overpriced compared to other ways of hair extension but it can last you up to 3 months! Moreover, they look much more natural!

weavon styles to fix

1.2. Sew in weaves

This is probably one of the best weavon fixing styles.

You can have this hair extension done almost exclusively in hair salons. The stylists will spend about 3-4 hours weaving your natural hair with hair extensions into small tight braids. This way your hairstyle will look way more natural than wigs or hair clips and it’s easy to keep tidy too!

weavon fixing styles

1.3. Drawstring weaves

This weavon type would be the favorite of those women who like to wear high ponytails or buns. Since this type doesn’t require any adhesive substances, it’s much less stressful for the hair and also much easier to remove on your own!

Drawstring weaves

1.4. Glue in weaves

How to fix weavon with the help of glue?

The answer is – super easy! Glue-in weavons make your hair more voluminous and bouncy. However, these waves can be harmful to your hair if you fail to apply them properly. In that case, the glue will lead to hair breakage.

This is also definitely the cheapest types of weaves since it can be easily done at home!

How to fix weavon

1.5. Half weaves

For this hair weave type, you will need combs that are used to fix the weave to your natural hair. A variety of styles is available for those who choose this weavon type.

Half weaves

1.6. Lace front weave

This hair weave type is gaining popularity exponentially fast. It has already become one of the trendiest Nigerian hairstyles fixing methods. If your hair falls out a lot or is damaged due to too much styling products that you use, you can definitely choose lace front weave.

These weaves must be fixed to natural hair in a proper way since an improper application may lead to even greater hair fall especially at the back of your neck.

1.7. Custom hair weave

These weaves are specially designed according to clients’ needs. This weaving technique may cost a little bit more than other methods of hair weaving.

2. What you’ll need for weavon styles to fix

If you have always wanted to know how to fix weavon in Nigeria in the best possible way and fast – check out the trace weave technique.

You will need:

  • Several Hair Extensions on the woof;
  • A special curved Hair Sewing Needle;
  • The Thread of hair matching color to sew the extensions on;
  • Comb;
  • Some Hair Clips;
  • A pair of Scissors.

3. How to fix weavon step by step

This is how it should be done:

  • Step 1. Wash, pamper and dry your hair well.
  • Step 2. Create a plan of your future the hairstyle and part your hair to mark where the braids will lie. Fix any hair to stay out of the weave separately, e.g. at the crown of the head.

  • Step 3. Take a small hair extension and reinforce the cornrow braids that should be made as flat and thin as possible. Sew the ends of the braids at the bottom of the cornrows with a needle and thread.

  • Step 4. Sew rows of extension hair onto each cornrow starting from the nape. Try to keep the track maximally flat. Process the same spot several times with the needle and thread at the start of the track to fix it tightly. Repeat it at the opposite end of the braid.

  • Step 5. When you’ve fixed the end to the cornrow simply cut the track in order to be precise.
  • Step 6. Repeat this all over your head.

  • Step 7. Attach a closure piece if necessary.

  • Step 8. Make any trimmings if needed.

4. 10 very easy hairstyles for wigs and weaves

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