How To Write A CV In Nigeria To Ensure You’ll Get A Job

CV, or curriculum vitae, is a most important document for a person who wants to find a job. It’s a first thing every employer looks at and it contains all the information about your qualification you choose to put there.

So, if you want to get the job, you should make your CV memorable, yet it should follow a certain standards. It’s a very delicate procedure, but if you know what to write and what is not necessary, you will surely know, how to write a good CV in Nigeria.

Usually, this knowledge comes with practice, but we offer you a piece of advice, which will save your time and teach you, how to write a CV in Nigeria.

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Here is a sample of CV in Nigeria for an easier understanding of the topic.sample of CV in Nigeria Let’s take a closer look, what exactly the latest CV format in Nigeria should include:

1. Personal information

This section doesn’t really influence your chances of getting a job, but your employer need to know if you meet the basic requirements for the particular job.

Here you should mention your birthdate, gender, where are you from and your current contact info. You can include your picture, but be sure that it’s not too informal and not too serious-looking.

2. Goals

If you know what to expect from the job you’re applying to, both in terms of your personal goals and what you can achieve for your employer, you have a much higher chance of getting this job. Don’t try to look too ambitious, but being too humble won’t get you far, too. Try to spell it all out in only a couple of sentences.

3. Qualities

This is the place to underline your positive sides. Take into consideration the job you’re applying to and mention only those qualities that will be helpful in this particular job (if it requires for you to work with other people – mention that you are great in working with a team etc.).

It might be not obvious, but you could mention a couple of more negative qualities, as no one is perfect and everyone knows that – your honesty will be appreciated.

4. Experience

This part of the CV format in Nigeria is probably the most important one. It should include your previous jobs with a mention of dates you’ve worked there.

Even if you’re writing a CV format for a fresh graduate in Nigeria, you should fill this section with your degree and courses that you’ve studied that would help you in this job.

Overall, to learn how to write a good CV for a fresh graduate in Nigeria, you need to mention both the things you’ve learned during studying and the skills you’ve obtained on your own. If you’ve had a part-time job, you should definitely mention them too.

5. Achievements

If you’ve been able to achieve something out of ordinary on your previous jobs, either for yourself or for the company you’ve worked for, you should brag about it – it would be harmful to you not to. It will give you extra points that just might top you over other candidates.

6. Overall tips

Here are a few rules that you should remember when writing your CV:

  • Use business style of speech – no need for elaborate epithets;
  • Use simple and legible fonts;
  • Don’t use one standard format – change your CV according to job you’re applying to and new skills you get;
  • Don’t mention skills you do not have – you might get caught lying right on the interview;
  • Keep it short – don’t write it on more than three pages.

Now you should be able to correctly represent yourself on your CV and get the job you want!

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