Yoruba Demon: His 22 Typical Features You Must Know!

Yoruba men are those predators who can’t help their power to win the heart of any woman. This breath-taking talent explains their name – Yoruba demons!

They will normally look awesome, are dressed to kill, smile seductively and talk on refined subjects. This may sound like any girl’s dream but trust us – it’s not!

So how to recognize a Yoruba demon? What the pros and cons of a relationship with such guys? Let’s study this question properly!

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1. Definition of Yoruba demon

Yoruba demon is a man who courts the woman without any serious intentions. You can meet one at almost any higher-end party where they almost always wear a white Agbada. Hopefully, this Yoruba demons meaning will help you to recognize such a guy when you see one.

Keep on reading to find out more!

Ndani Vox Pops : Who Is A Yoruba Demon?

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2. 9 ways to spot Yoruba demon by his behavior

  1. They are hugely into looks. These guys are drawn almost exclusively to gorgeous women with a toned body and beautiful smile.
  2. They prefer first-rate packaging. A demon is always after a woman who doesn’t only look stunning, but also is fashionably dressed and can keep a pleasant conversation. They are definitely not into the “beauty of inner world” or feminism supporters.
  3. Demons are attracted to successful women. They almost always choose an independent woman whose life is well-planned and who has a stable income whether from her own business or from a rich father.
  4. They prefer decent women. Demons will never make a girl with loose sexual morals their girlfriend. Instead, they would prefer a refined lady who is wild in bed. They also avoid any complicated dramatic relationships.
  5. They do get married but with much younger girls. Yoruba men normally settle down under the age of 40 but they will seldom choose their permanent girlfriend for this because she is normally too old and boring for them by the time Yoruba demons are ready for marriage.
  6. Demons are infamous cheaters and liars.
  7. They will normally hunt for ideal single women at weddings.
  8. YORUBA SWAG is the demons’ greatest weapon. They are smiley and charming and boost like hell!
  9. They move in groups of other demons and are friends of Olumofin brothers.


LOL!!!! Hi Lovelies, WELCOME BACK HERE ! YAY ! lol There has been so much talk about Yoruba Men or Yoruba Demons or just Yoruba Boys. The Funny or should I say ridiculous thing about this trend or topic is that many of these supposed Yoruba demons actually enjoy being called this name.

3. 7 ways to spot Yoruba demon by the words he says

1.”I am not one of them”

He will repeat this on every occasion.

2.”I think we shouldn’t tell anyone about us.”

This probably means that he’s fully packed with a wife, 4 kids and 5 lovers all living in different parts of the world. This is why he won’t spend his holidays with you.

3.”I have no one else to talk to other than you.”

This is definitely nonsense. He most certainly tells this to all the girls.

4.”I’m positively over her.”

This is what he says about his ex. However, the other day he may feel that connection with her and trade you for her like a piece of cake.

5.”We boys always book a table at this club

This never means you will be his guest number one even if he made some effort to convince you to join them. He will most probably bring other women to table.

6. “Do we really need to label this?”

It’s his way of saying that you are just his summer fling and there’s no chance of any serious continuation.

7. “I date her but I’m not with her.”

However, she is his Twitter DP and he has pics with her all over his Instagram and Facebook. Even if you see wedding pictures, he’ll tell you it was just a photo shoot.

Much ado about ‘Yoruba Demons”

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4. Yoruba demon starter pack

  • He always wears Yoruba Agbada.
  • He will display his car keys publicly.
  • He will have the latest iPhone to impress as well as an extra backup smartphone.
  • He will flaunt the money he is about to spend right and left.
  • He uses TrueCaller app to protect himself from dozens of hysterical ladies whose hearts he has broken.
  • He owns DSTV with channels like E!, Zee world, Telemundo, and co to entertain women in his apartment.
  • He has a Soji gateman who is trained to say: «Okunola is not at home», «Okunola is travelling», «Take key and wait for Okunola », «Okunola has moved, one army officer just moved in».
  • He will own a cool car like Toyota Camry (pencil light), EOD – G-wagon, Range, etc.
  • What is a Yoruba boy without a posh hairstyle or a stylish beard? They make a demon look even more seductive.


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5. 6 reasons you should date Yoruba demon

  1. Almost every woman would be proud to date one of such Swag daddies since they look classy in their Agbadas.
  2. Yoruba demons are certain to make you closer to God since you might start praying for your demon not to cheat on you or for healing your heart after the demon left you.
  3. You’ll have a fun lifestyle full of parties where you can even meet other wealthy men to date after your demon shatters your heart.
  4. He’ll help you to become incredibly creative in talking about love and hurt feelings.
  5. You’ll become a better psychologist and be able to detect both a liar and a good man when you see one.
  6. He is not necessarily a demon but just a Yoruba guy who wants to look cool.



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6. Famous Yoruba demon names

  • Odunlade Adekola
  • Femi Jacobs
  • Kunle Afolayan
  • Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana
  • Ayo ‘Wizkid’ Balogun
  • Dapo ‘D’banj’ Oyebanjo
  • Segun Arinze
  • Femi Adebayo
  • Ramsey Nouah
  • Dare Art Alade.

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