5 Fashion Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe! Spotlight On Rihanna!

Trendy ladies know that you can get fashion inspiration from any source imaginable. The closet of your boyfriend may be not the first place you think of when designing your next stunning look, but the truth is that there are plenty of things you can borrow from him.

Wearing men’s or male fashion-inspired clothes is actually nothing new – celebrities have been wearing men’s suits since the early 20th century. Luckily, now your choices for creating a boyfriend look are nearly endless – here are 5 best ones!

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1. Jeans

This one is a no-brainer – the most popular men’s wardrobe items women have incorporated into their style is boyfriend jeans. Loose-fitting, often ripped and distressed light wash jeans have been a fashion mainstay for many years now.

One of the biggest fans of boyfriend jeans is the fashion icon Rihanna. She smartly combines her boyfriend jeans with all kinds of tops and footwear. Pair your boyfriend jeans with high heels and a beautiful blouse for an evening look or sneakers and striped T-shirt for a casual outfit.

2. Button-down shirt

A woman wearing a men’s shirt at home is a classic image, but you don’t have to keep your love for men’s clothes strictly at home. An essential part of the boyfriend look is a classic men’s button down shirt – preferably white, but it can also be pastel blue or striped.

The possibilities of wearing a men’s button down shirt in a woman’s outfit are nearly endless. However, the two most stylish options are pairing it with ripped jeans for a casual look or tucking it into a pencil knee-length skirt if you definitely want to make an impression.

3. Hoodie

Of course, even if you’re not a girl looking for a boyfriend, you can still rock a hoodie, but a hoodie from your boyfriend’s closet is a different story. It makes you look slimmer and more fragile which you can definitely use to your advantage.

Hoodies are traditionally part of a sporty or casual wardrobe and look awesome with jeans, shorts, and leggings. However, there are many girls who successfully combine hoodies with pencil skirts and high heels, creating a bridge between feminine and street style.

4. Denim jacket

There is a good chance that you already own a jean jacket, but looking for a boyfriend denim jacket will not only be a fun change for your everyday style but will also help you create a completely different look – by throwing it over your shoulders instead of properly wearing it.

The most classic pairing for a denim jacket is a light sundress or flowing skirt with a floral pattern, but your choices are much broader. For example, you can create a chic combination by wearing a denim jacket with leather shorts or leggings.

5. Flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is another must-have if you want to steal his style. Girls have always looked great in flannel shirts, but wearing an oversized men’s shirt gives you much more opportunities for styling.

With a regular-fitting shirt, you can mostly wear it with jeans and shorts, but your boyfriend’s flannel shirt can also be worn as a dress, a tunic with a wide belt, or over any outfit with its buttons undone as a layer.

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