Aliko Dangote Houses: What True Luxury Looks Like

We all know who Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Nigeria, is, but often it’s not enough to know the name and occupation of celebrities – we also want to know more about their personal life and the way they live. Real estate gives us an insight into the life of the rich and famous.

In 2017 Aliko Dangote net worth reached $12.5 billion, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising that he owns multiple luxury houses in Nigeria. While the businessman doesn’t like to show off his Aliko Dangote house and cars, you can see them all here. Check out Aliko Dangote house pictures right now!

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1. Dangote House in Abuja

Perhaps, the most famous piece of property belonging to Aliko Dangote is a mansion in Abuja. Mr. Dangote has lived there for more than a decade and has put great effort into the construction and decoration of the mansion.

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Both on the outside and inside the Abuja residence of Aliko Dangote looks as stunning as you would imagine. There are lots of exclusive materials and artwork, including pictures, statues, and other decoration pieces.

Inside the house there are several bedrooms and bathrooms, a dining hall that doubles as a meeting room, and a fabulous kitchen that every man and woman in Nigeria would feel lucky to cook in. All in all, the Aliko Dangote mansion in Abuja is a fantastic place to live – no wonder Nigeria’s wealthiest man prefers to spend his time there!

2. Dangote house in Banana Island

Banana Island is an artificial island in the heart of Nigeria, where only the wealthiest Nigerians, including politicians, businessmen, and celebrities can afford to live. No wonder that Aliko Dangote couldn’t resist owning property there. However, there are not too many photos of Dangote’s mansion in the Banana Island – perhaps, the billionaire has decided to stay anonymous in this situation.

The only verified picture of the Dangote house in the Banana Island is a photo of the house exterior, but it’s not hard to imagine what the property looks like on the inside. There are the main house and several guest houses, and the property likely has every facility a man like Aliko Dangote would want in his home.

3. Dangote house in Victoria Island, Lagos

Despite being the wealthiest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote chose not to become a leading landowner – instead, he purchased three mansions in various parts of Nigeria to be able to stay there when he travels for business and leisure.

Victoria Island in Lagos became the third location where Mr. Dangote decided to own property. His mansion there is not as big as the one in Abuja, but it still has the inimitable taste that could be easily noticed in his Abuja estate.

One of the most interesting areas in the Aliko Dangote house in Victoria Island is the study – it is tastefully decorated and filled with high-quality furniture. You can finally see where Nigeria’s leading billionaire manages his business and finances!

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