Have You Checked Out Woodin’s Latest Collection? It’s Ankara At Its Best!

Woodin is one of the pioneering African clothing brands that has turned into a fashion staple for millions of young African women and men. Each one of Woodin collections is met with anticipation and most of them instantly become best sellers.

Fashion in Nigeria cannot be imagined without Ankara clothing, and Woodin designers know it too, which is why Woodin fabric often features gorgeous Ankara motifs. Check out the latest styles unveiled by the brand!

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1. What is Woodin?

Woodin is a fashion brand that has quickly progressed from a small fabric and clothing shop to being represented in 8 African countries. Today millions of Nigerian fashionistas wear Woodin fabric styles since they can be conveniently purchased both online and in physical stores.

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One of the biggest objectives of Woodin as a brand is to represent the vibrant African culture in many modern ways and give African ladies an opportunity to celebrate their heritage in beautiful and fashionable clothes. Judging by how popular Woodin Nigeria has become, the brand is clearly succeeding. Recently there have been several different, but equally attractive collections representing Woodin styles unveiled that you can see right now!

2. Connexion de Woodin

Connexion de Woodin is a collection of ready-to-wear clothes for men and women. The main theme in these Woodin fashion designs is the foolproof combination of traditional African patterns and color combinations with stripes. With this pairing, you can’t go wrong!

In this collection, you will find charming dresses that will fit you perfectly and can be a great choice for all kinds of occasions. Additionally, there are cute skirts, trendy tops, and, of course, a wide range of accessories. Men can also enjoy Woodin clothing styles thanks to the variety of shirts and trousers created specifically for them.

3. Elle de Woodin

Elle de Woodin is not just a new clothing collection: in addition to ready-made wear, here you will find hundreds of unique fabrics that you can use for making your dream clothes. Elle de Woodin is a collection aimed exclusively at women and can easily fit into any wardrobe.

Elle de Woodin fabrics come in an endless range of color combinations and patterns that are united by one outstanding feature, which is a golden embellishment that effortlessly elevates the look of the fabric and makes it an ideal addition to any style.

4. Avantgarde de Woodin

Avantgarde de Woodin is one of the boldest collections ever released by the brand. This collection is designed for women who are not afraid of colors and color pairings. The patterns in Avantgarde de Woodin are truly striking and are perfect for high-end fashion.

There are a lot of geometric motifs in this collection, but thanks to the fearless color combinations the patterns are far from boring. You’ll definitely enjoy wearing Avantgarde de Woodin to various social events, weddings, or even office.

5. Patch ‘Or de Woodin

If you’re in a mood for the latest Woodin styles dresses, why not try one of their newest collections called Patch ‘Or de Woodin. Like most other Woodin collections, this one is a celebration of African culture in a modern setting, and therefore is exactly what every Nigerian fashionista is looking for.

Woodin styles for ladies from the Patch ‘Or de Woodin are almost exclusively represented by stunning dresses. There are adorable flare dresses, delicate empire waist gowns, trendy asymmetric dresses, and stylish pencil gowns. You’ll also find skirts, tops, trousers, and suits in the same fabulous styles.

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