How To Choose Jacuzzi – The Affordable Luxury

Jacuzzi is one of the most popular types of hot baths. A jacuzzi can be often seen at hotels and SPA salons, but installing a hot tub at home can give you not only the unique opportunity to relax in the hot water, but also a number of health benefits, including soothing sore muscles, boosting the metabolism, and getting rid of stress.

When you’ve settled on purchasing a jacuzzi for your home, you probably have one last question: how to choose a hot tub? Without a hot tub buying guide, you’re guaranteed to make the right choice!

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1. Jacuzzi or bathtub?

Since bathtubs are generally much more affordable than hot tubs, you can’t help but wonder about the difference between jacuzzi and bathtub. The biggest difference between the two is the size: a typical bathtub is designed for one person, while a jacuzzi can accommodate at least two, with the biggest jacuzzi tubs being large enough for 8 people.

Another big difference between a jacuzzi and a bathtub is their functionality. While a bathtub can come with hydromassage features, they are usually very limited. A jacuzzi, however, has a wide range of hydro massage functionality and can help with a number of health issues.

2. Acrylic or cast iron?

Today jacuzzi tubs come in two most popular materials: acrylic and cast iron with a porcelain coating. When choosing the best hot tubs for your home, consider the following:

  • Acrylic is very shiny and doesn’t fade over time. It’s also not prone to staining and cracking, which can give you years of uninterrupted use of your hot tub. Acrylic tabs are also pretty affordable and easily cleaned.

  • Cast iron baths have been very popular in the past, but today many buyers steer clear of them due to their heavy weight and higher price. The porcelain coating is also known to crack from a difference in temperatures, and cleaning a cast iron jacuzzi can be quite a challenge.

3. Engine and jets

An engine is the heart of a hot tub, which is why you should be careful while making the choice. A standard jacuzzi engine produces between 750 and 900 watt, which is enough for most devices. However, if you want a larger jacuzzi with a variety of additional electricity-powered features, you may want to go for a more powerful engine or even choose a tub with two separate engines.

The jets are where the water comes out into the tub. The most important choice to make here is between metal and plastic jets. Metal jets are more durable, but they are much harder to replace. Plastic ones can break down faster, but they can be replaced in just a few simple steps.

Jets can also be regulated and non-regulated. The more expensive and sophisticated your jacuzzi is, the more features you are able to regulate. It’s also worth remembering that, as a rule, jacuzzi tubs come equipped with a single pump, but if your jacuzzi is big enough to have more than 20 jets, you need to order a second pump to be installed in the tub.

4. Additional features

The jacuzzi industry is constantly developing, and today, when buying a hot tub, you can choose from a variety of extra features. One of the most common features is a remote control, which allows you to set up the jacuzzi remotely. You can even control it with your smartphone in case it’s Wi-Fi enabled.

Another essential feature is the lighting. Many hot tubs come with purely decorative lights that are great for creating the right mood, but there are also jacuzzi tubs with chromotherapy features – they have lights that can be set up for healing various conditions. If you choose a jacuzzi with music functionality, you’ll definitely feel even better when enjoying your hot tub experience.

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