Come And See The American Wonder! Lenovo Tablet That Folds Into A Phone!

We strongly believe that this extraordinary Lenovo tablet will blow up the minds of all gadget lovers!

Lenovo has recently demonstrated the concept of a folding Folio device that can function as a tablet or a smartphone. At Lenovo Tech World annual event the public saw Lenovo Folio, a ground-breaking folding tablet that is easy to fold in half into a phone with two screens!

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1. Intro

Folio is 7.8-inch Android tablet with a resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixels with a hinge in the middle, allowing it to be folded into the 5.5-inch device with two screens.

The prototype is fully functional: it works correctly in any position while the screen continues responding adequately to pressing.

2. How does it work?

What is really unusual is that this Lenovo tablet is folded not with the display inward, but with the display outward. Thus, in the folded mode on both sides of the gadget, there’s the touchscreen and it can be used as a modern smartphone, and the fold itself is used to display service information like the Galaxy Edge edges.

Application icons and navigation buttons adapt to different phone shapes on the fly while one of the screens turns into a lens when you fold the device and open the camera application.

3. Prospects

The current version of Folio works on Android 7.0 Nougat. The tablet supports eSIM, so you can make calls. The gadget runs on a rather old chipset Snapdragon 800. However, the chipset will be seriously outdated by the time the device is released in 2017.

Generally, the device itself definitely looks like a prototype and it is highly unlikely to be released in the near future.

To sum up, the whole idea of a smartphone expanding to the big screen for movies and reading sounds great, but it is a serious technical challenge to fit all the necessary components into the mobile device – and, as a result, new Lenovo tablet Folio leaves much to be desired so far.

According to rumors, Samsung and LG are also working on folding phones.

Lenovo Folio Concept at Lenovo Tech Word 2017

Lenovo showed off a flexible tablet/phone at Lenovo Tech World running Android 7.0

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