Femi Otedola House And Net Worth

Femi Otedola is currently the second richest person in Nigeria after Aliko Dangote and the second ever Nigerian to be included into the Forbes list of dollar-denominated billionaires. Femi Otedola is not only the chairman of Forte Oil PLC but also the owner of multiple houses.

As a man with a large family and a love for comfort, it’s not a surprise to anyone that any Femi Otedola house is a masterpiece. Check out Femi Otedola mansion and find out more about the man!

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1. Femi Otedola net worth

We all know that Mr. Otedola is one of the wealthiest Nigerians to have ever lived, but how much money exactly does the billionaire have? In 2016, his net worth suffered a significant drop due to the dramatic decrease in the oil prices.

Before the price decrease, Femi Otedola had a fortune of $1.8 billion, which dropped to just $550 million once the value of oil got dramatically lower. However, even though Otedola stopped being a dollar-denominated billionaire in 2016, he still has a staggering net worth that makes him one of the richest people in Nigeria.

 Femi Otedola net worth

2. Femi Otedola’s Ikoyi house

The most expensive and frequently used mansion of Femi Otedola is the house in Ikoyi. While looking for houses for sale in Ikoyi, Mr. Otedola found the most visually striking and comfortable one. On the outside, the house instantly attracts anyone’s attention thanks to its unusual circular design and snow-white coloring. The house is protected by heavy gates since Femi Otedola is concerned about the safety of his family.

Femi Otedola's Ikoyi house

There are not too many photos of the Femi Otedola house Ikoyi because the billionaire famously likes to keep his family life private. Reporters and magazines have never been invited inside the mansion. However, his daughters feel much more relaxed about their private lives and often share photos of the house on social media.

The Ikoyi estate has three floors, an outdoor swimming pool, a garage for Femi Otedola’s few favorite cars, including the bulletproof Mercedes G-Class, and several guest rooms for when Mr. Otedola’s friends or business partners come to stay in the mansion. Overall, the estate has pretty much everything you could imagine a billionaire’s house having.

3. Other houses of Femi Otedola

The Ikoyi mansion is not the only piece of real estate the oil billionaire owns. He is confirmed to have a house Abuja. That mansion is slightly smaller than his Ikoyi property, but it has a pretty attractive exterior and an exceptionally modern and practical interior.

There are also rumors surrounding the Femi Otedola house in Banana Island. Hundreds of Nigeria’s rich and famous people own property in the Banana Island, Lagos so it would be quite natural for Femi Otedola to buy a mansion in the hottest spot among Nigerian celebrities.

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