Ford Edge vs Honda CR-V 2017 Comparison

SUV’s are one of the most popular types of personal vehicle right now. In it is no wonder, as these cars are both great looking and really comfortable to use, even as a family vehicle. Ford Edge and Honda CR-V both belong to this type of vehicles, and both are great examples of it.

Both of them have been around for a long time (Ford Edge was first introduced in 2006, Honda – in 1995) and both have survived a lot of changes.
The most recent versions of both models have recently been introduced, which is why there are a lot of Ford Edge vs Honda CR-V reviews right now. Here is one more review that will concentrate on differences between the Honda CR-V and Ford Edge specifications.

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1. Performance

Performance is probably the first thing everyone pays attention to, as this parameter determines, how fast will you be able to go. Ford has a definitive win in this category.

While both of them have a front-wheel drive, Edge is equipped with a 245-horsepower intercooled turbo engine. Honda CR-V specs, while also impressive, are not so great – only 184-horsepower regular unleaded engine.

2. Fuel efficiency

This parameter basically points on how much money you will have to spend on gas. Honda wins a competition on this one, as it can drive for 30 miles on a 1 gallon of gas (compared to 24 mpg for Ford). Furthermore, it has a turbocharged engine, which means that this parameter doesn’t suffer a lot of change if you’ll drive faster.

On the other hand, 2017 Ford Edge configurations allow this car to carry a bigger load, so if you need to regularly use your car for transportation – it will be a better choice for you.

3. Design

Although this parameter is subjective and every person has their preferences, there are some things that can be used for our comparison, like a quality of materials.

If put this way, there are no real winners in this category, as both cars offer really comfortable and pleasant to the eye experience. Both offer beautiful and sleek exterior design with a high-quality interior with a lot of space.

4. Technology

This is a department, where Honda CR-V problems are obvious. Although this model offers great smartphone integration and touch-screen volume control, there are no real innovations.

Edge, on the other hand, has demonstrated a revolutionary Sync 3 technology, which includes, but not limited to, a great voice controls that will allow you to stay focused on the road.

5. Safety

Although most of the cars nowadays offer and incredible level of safety for both driver and passengers, Ford goes even overboard with it.

Ford Edge reviews praise the cars safety system, which has earned the highest grade on different crash tests. It gains an extra brakes’ stopping power by adding a forward collision system.

All in all, both cars are worthy of your attention, but Ford has definitely spend more time on making innovations for its newest model.

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