Game of Thrones: More Than Just A TV Show

Game of thrones season 7 is one of the most successful TV shows, which has turned into something close to massive insanity. Somehow, it manages to keep viewers in tension constantly.

Needless to mention how unique the universe created by George Martin is, and together with beautiful setting and realising pictures, even when it comes to the most disgusting details, it creates a winning combination.

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Game of Thrones has received 16 awards from Visual Effects Society – more than any other TV show did. The trailer for season 7 has become the most viewed trailer ever on the first day it appeared on the net.  The TV show has become the most pirated ever, which is probably the greatest recognition.

All over the world, people call their babies after favorite heroes – over a hundred of “Khaleesi” were born in 2012. While fans are surprised with discrepancies between books and TV show, almost no one among actors have read the books, fearing it may somehow influence their play. George Martin told show directors the ending, just in case he does not live long enough to finish book series.

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