Health Benefits Of Agbalumo: 5 Best Ones

Agbalumo is a fruit that is known in Nigeria under at least four different names. The most common name known around the world is African Star Apple or White Star Apple. Nigerians also call it the African Cherry. Yoruba people know it as Agbalumo, and Udara is the name given to the fruit by the Igbo people.

With that many names for one product, it’s not surprising that agbalumo is known and loved all around Nigeria, not just for its appealing taste, but also for its many health benefits. Find out everything about the health benefits of agbalumo right now!

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1. What is agbalumo?

Agbalumo is an African fruit that floods the market in November and goes out of season in March. Star apple ranges from green to orange depending on the stage of ripeness and has an edible skin and sweet flesh with large seeds. When the fruit is cut through, the inside resembles a star shape, which is how Agbalumo got its name.


2. Healthy snack

One of the best-known health benefits of African cherry is its ability to make you feel full and satisfy your sweet cravings with just a couple of fruits. Agbalumo makes an excellent snack thanks to its low-calorie count and zero fat, so whenever you want to have something between meals and don’t want to overeat, grab a handful of star apples for a healthy alternative to fast food.

health benefits of African cherry

3. Vitamin count

Since vitamins are essential for our well-being, it’s important to consume foods with a high vitamin count – that way you won’t have to resort to synthetic vitamin pills. Luckily, agbalumo has a lot to offer here: its vitamin C content is as high as in many citrus fruits, which are known for being rich in vitamin C. Protect your immune system by eating African cherry regularly.

4. Women’s health

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is known for giving women a lot of discomforts, and ladies are willing to try anything to get rid of the sensations such as bloating and cramps. This is where agbalumo can help you! The health benefits of udara in pregnancy are also well-known: this fruit can help with numerous unpleasant symptoms every pregnant woman is familiar with.

5. Better digestion

The one health issue most adults suffer from these days is digestive problems that stem from unhealthy foods, stress, and irregular eating. One of the most powerful health benefits of cherry is its high fiber content. Fiber is indispensable for healthy digestion, and you will notice positive changes in the way you feel soon after you start eating agbalumo regularly.

6. Cardiovascular health

Heart diseases are another very common condition in the modern world. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and subsequent problems with the heart and blood vessels are a big threat to your health. Apple fruit health benefits include their ability to lower cholesterol level and blood pressure, bringing your cardiovascular health to the desired level.

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