Health Benefits Of Dates: 30+ Pros & Useful Tips & Top Recipes

The number of health benefits of dates is enormous!

Just 10 dates a day provide a daily intake of magnesium, copper, sulfur, half the need for iron, a quarter of the need for calcium and other trace elements.

It is ideal food that makes you feel full very quickly. Let us consider in detail the most important benefits of dates as well as information about when and how to eat them correctly for weight loss and much more!

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1. Health benefits of dates fruit: top 30

  1. Increasing brain productivity by 20% or more;
  2. Energy recovery in states of fatigue or exhaustion;
  3. Effective in treating respiratory diseases;
  4. Help treat cardiovascular diseases through heart stimulation and strengthening;
  5. Prevention of hypertension;
  6. Effective as additional treatment of anemia;
  7. Ulcer and gastric/intestinal cancer prevention;
  8. Effective in treating disorders of the nervous system;
  9. Alleviate premenstrual syndrome in women;
  10. Strengthen the uterus muscles in the last months of pregnancy for successful delivery, to prevent miscarriages, to enrich the breast milk with vitamins and to eliminate depressive conditions in pregnant women;
  11. Effective remedy for seasickness and motion sickness;
  12. Remedy for colds;
  13. Strengthen the wall of capillaries;
  14. Improve digestion and eliminate gastric disorders;
  15. Improve vision and reduce eye fatigue;
  16. Increase blood circulation;
  17. Reduce harm from antibiotics;
  18. Heal bleeding gums and strengthen teeth;
  19. Strengthen the immune system;
  20. Prevent the formation of carcinogens;
  21. Blood clots prevention;
  22. Increase resistance to infections;
  23. Treatment of edema and dizziness accompanying diseases of the inner ear;
  24. Regulate blood sugar;
  25. Help get rid of heavy metal ions;
  26. Prevent arthritis;
  27. Effective painkiller;
  28. Prevent pancreatic cancer;
  29. Treat helminthic infections of the liver and jaundice;
  30. Date sugar masks are effective for dealing with muscle pain.

2. Benefits of dates for men

In combination with exercise and healthy diet, dates are the ideal food for a quick increase in muscle mass, creating a muscle relief.

Eating dates are very good in terms of increasing the number of male seed and preventing impotence and improving male performance. Buy quality fresh dates fruit on Jiji for the best prices – start taking care of your male power and you will see the results soon!

3. Benefits of eating dates in the morning

Magic properties of dates are even higher if you eat them on an empty stomach. Moreover, when eaten in the morning they effectively expel parasites from the intestine.

The recipe for the morning energy drink:

Soak 5 dates without pits overnight in a glass of water. The next morning mix the date with the same water in a blender and drink the mixture. This miraculous drink will add energy and vitality to your daily routine.

4. Benefits of dates with milk

One date and a glass of milk can provide the minimum necessary human need for nutrients. This is an excellent alternative for sports foods: a glass of milk and 5-7 dates after a meal. Also, dates with milk are recommended for rehabilitation after severe blood loss.

5 dates + a glass of milk before going to bed will eliminate all the problems with morning cleansing of the intestine!

5. Benefits of dates in weight loss

This sweet dried fruit containing more than 290 kcal per 100 g is used for weight loss: the main thing is to eat it the right way!

The method of consuming intended for people with fast metabolism:

Eat dates only after power training (20 minutes after the workout) without any other foods, no more than 50 g at a time.

The method of use intended for people with a slow metabolism:

End the dinner with a cup of green tea with a handful of dates. Measure out the portion, eat slowly, and stop asking for an extra helping.

6. Date fruit: top recipes

6.1. Healthy Date Syrup

How to make Healthy Date Syrup-Best Recipe

A very easy syrup to make and very healthy and delicious; perfect replacement for sugar as a daily use and for cooking, baking purposes. Enjoy Ingredients: Seedless & washed Dates – 1 KG (Approx.

6.2. Date and Nut Laddoo – Healthy Sweet Recipe

Date and Nut Laddoo – Healthy Indian Sweet Recipe.

Dry Fruit and Nut laddoo is naturally sweet and very healthy. Serve it to your kids. Enjoy this guilt free snack with your family. Get the written recipe here: Makes — 10 medium laddoos Preparation time — 10 mins Cooking time — 10 min.

6.3. Healthy Dates Sweet Recipe

Healthy Modak Recipe| modak recipe | khajoor modak | tasty | prasad | dates healthy recipes

modak recipe | khajoor modak (Dates)| ganesh festival 2017 | tasty | prasad | dates healthy recipes Ingredients: Dates (Khajoor) Mixed Dried fruits Pure Ghee #recipes in marathi

6.4. Homemade Date Jam

How to make Homemade Date Jam

DATE JAM! Naturally sweet, healthy and delicious Awesome tasting, healthy and super easy to make DATE JAM 🙂 All you need is: – Medjool Dates – Vanilla Extract – Cinnamon Sticks – Water No sugar, no additives, no artificial flavourings – just pure natural goodness! Subscribe and Like this video!

6.5. Dates Milkshake Recipe

Dates Milkshake Recipe Video – How to Make Khajoor Milkshake at Home – Easy & Simple

Dates Milkshake or Khajoor Milkshake from Maimoona Yasmeen’s Recipes YOU CAN ALSO REACH US ON : Youtube Subscribe - Website – Facebook – Google Plus – Twitter – Instagram – Ingredients: Dates (khajoor): 20 grams Milk: 200 ml + 300 ml (total ½ litre) Ice cubes (small): 8 to 10 Sugar: 50 grams Milk cream: ½ cup (standard cup) Small pieces of dates (khajoor): for garnishing Procedure: 1.

6.6. Date Cake Recipe

Date Cake Recipe

This video shows you how to make delicious date cake. I love this recipe, I hope you like it too.

6.7. The ULTIMATE Banana and Date Smoothie

The ULTIMATE Banana and Date Smoothie (Raw Vegan Recipe)

BANANIAC’S SIMPLE VEGAN RECIPES: Like, Comment, & Subscribe to stay updated with latest content on Plant-Based Nutrition, Vegan Lifestyle Tips, and Fitness! Thanks for watching!

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