Infinix Hot Note Price – Get The Phone Of Your Dreams Now

As technologies are developing really fast, the smartphone market is getting filled up by different devices with different specs and in different price ranges.

One one hand, this broadens the possibilities of choosing just the right thing for you, but on the other, it really makes it more difficult to choose from the variety of similar smartphones.
That’s why it is important to look at the price/quality ratio. And one of the best manufacturers of products that dominate in this criteria is Infinix.

They offer phones with great specs that are relatively cheaper than their analogs. Let’s take a look at one of the latest Infinix phones that besides having great specs were the first to offer an amazing battery life – Infinix Hot Note, and find out the Infinix Hot Note price in Nigeria.

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Before finding out, how much is Infinix Hot Note, we should figure out, what would you pay this money for. This is the technology you will find inside this phone:

1. Performance

The most important parts of the smartphone, its heart, and soul, are a processing unit and RAM. They ensure that you’re able to launch programs and games without problems and lags.

Infinix Hot Note is equipped with octa core MediaTek 1.4 GHz processor, which is definitely above average for a middle-class phone, and 1 Gb of RAM, which might not be that impressive, but still enough for any need you might have.

2. Battery

An autonomy of the phone (time you can use it without a recharge) means a lot for most of the people. No one wants to have their phone dead in the most important moment. But most of the Android phones can’t survive for more than a day, often even less.

That’s why the battery life of Infinix Hot Note is so impressive. Its capacity is 4000 Mah, and, coupled with the latest Li-P technology used in this battery, it can withstand up to 21 hours of continuous phone talk or up to 40 hours of music even with a quite big 5.5 inches screen!

3. Camera

The camera is another thing that heavily impacts the Infinix Hot Note price. Although it is not the best camera phone on the market, the phone has 8 MP back and 5 MP front cameras, which is more than enough for everyday tasks and with the function of wide-angle selfies it makes them really worth the deal.

4. Design

Infinix smartphones are always sleek and stylish, and Hot Note is not an exception. You will love it at first sight, as all the colors it comes in look great on metal finishings on the back and sides. It lays in your hand really well, and you will definitely like the feel of it.

5. Price

The Infinix Hot Note price range on Nigerian markets is from ₦25,000 to ₦28,000. There is also a pro version of this smartphone that costs about ₦30,000. Infinix Hot Note Pro specifications are basically the same as Infinix Hot Note, but it has 2 Gb of RAM for an even better multitasking.

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