Kamdora Fashion For Church: How To Dress Right

Church fashion may have its strict rules, but it doesn’t mean that you should not dress beautifully on the days when you want to visit a church. Of course, there are still rules based on decency and common sense.

If you’ve ever seen the ways Nigerian celebrities choose church dresses, then you already know that it’s always possible to find an outfit that doesn’t break any rules but is flattering and trendy at the same time. Check out the latest Kamdora fashion for church!

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1. What to wear to church

Let’s start with basic rules of fashion for a church. The most important rule is to adopt a conservative and modest approach to church clothing. While the church is also an opportunity to meet your friends, it’s not a place to showcase your most risque outfits.

Another important rule is the length of your outfit. Make sure to not pick anything that reveals the area above your knees, whether it’s a dress, a skirt, or trousers. Transparent fabrics, low cleavages, and sporty clothing and shoes are also off limits.

2. Fashion dresses for church

Even though Nigerian churches don’t have any strict policies requiring women to wear only dresses to service, dresses are still the most popular church fashion item. Here are some of the best dresses Nigerian ladies wore to church lately.

All things considered, this may be the ideal look for a church. The length of the dress is just perfect: it’s modest without being too matronly. The beautiful shoes and bag complete this look and elevate it to high fashion.

The next one is a rather bold choice for church and the one that surely won’t let you go unnoticed. The construction and fabric of the dress look like they’re straight from the runway, and although the dress has open shoulders, the outfit still looks very appropriate for church.

Now here is a look that simply screams “chic”. Black has always been a go-to outfit for church, but this church goer took it to the next level thanks to the unusual cut of the dress, massive jewelry, and the show-stopping hat.

Ankara fabric remains among the favorite materials of Nigerian fashionistas, which is why it’s not surprising that Ankara church outfits can be seen near any church every Sunday. Below you can see a flawless Ankara church look, topped off with eye-catching white pumps and a vintage brooch.

The next look has everything you’d ever want to see in a church outfit: a fabulous patterned dress, matching poppy-colored leather pumps, fun hoop earrings, and a funky hairstyle to balance out the prim and proper look.

3. Other stylish clothes for church

Even though pretty dresses dominate the African wear styles for a church, it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose other types of outfits if you’re tired of dresses or are a big fan of trousers, skirts, and suits.

This outfit would have worked anywhere, from office to a fancy restaurant, but it also feels very natural for a church. The striped skirt requires a colorful top, and that’s exactly what this church goer did with this cute yellow open-shoulder blouse.

In the next outfit, everything is so perfectly matched that it could easily be the work of a famous stylist. This lady chose to wear wide-legged trousers with a matching long blouse, and her red handbag and red soles of her shoes add the much-needed contrast to a mostly monochrome look.

Even skinny trousers can be an ideal look for a church if you pair them with the right top! As you can see here, black skinny jeans look great with a long-sleeved Ankara blouse. The peplum cut of the blouse and sophisticated beige pumps add to the appeal of this look.

Neon is probably not the thing you expect to see in Kamdora fashion for church 2017, but this next outfit featuring neon looks exactly right for church. The secret is in finding the right combination: a black top is one of the best things to pair with a neon yellow flared skirt.

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