Mouka Foam Prices In Nigeria – Make Your Life More Comfortable

We spend a third of our lifetime asleep. It is a very important process that helps our body to recover and your brain to work on all the information you’ve absorbed over the day. That’s why you should pay a close attention to the conditions you’re sleeping in because they can be a source of different body and mental issues.

And that is why there are such companies as Mouka Foam that manufacture and sell top-notch mattresses, pillows etc. If you’re wondering, how much is Mouka Foam product costs, here is the list of the most popular of them and their Mouka Foam prices.

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Over the years, Mouka Foam has become a synonym of quality, which is why this companies’ products are so popular among Nigerians. Furthermore, this company is based in Nigeria, and Mouka Foam’s Nigerian mattresses are as comfortable as imported ones from famous labels. If you’re interested in buying one yourself, here are the Mouka Foam sizes and prices:

1. Baby mattress

The baby mattress is made out of the foam of medium density, which is covered with kid-friendly material, to be specific – polyvinyl chloride. It is a great choice for kids, but not for an adult, as this mattress can support only up to 60 kg. Its size is 46x22x6 inches and its medium price is ₦5,600.

2. Mouka Sunrise Mattress

Sunrise is one of the most affordable Mouka Foam mattresses. It has the most basic foam density, that’s why it can be less durable in a long run. If you want to get this 75x42x6 inches mattress, you will have to pay around ₦35,000 for it.

3. Mouka Regal Mattress

This Mouka Foam orthopedic mattress is made out of the ultra-dense foam, which is covered in premium quality jacquard. It is a great choice for people with spine problems, like bad posture or back pains. The Regal mattress doesn’t have limits in weight and will be great as a present for your older family members. You can choose your mattress from a variety of mattress sizes in Nigeria, for example, 75x60x10 inches mattress will cost you around ₦116,000.

4. Mouka Mondeo Mattress

This is one of the most comfortable mattresses Mouka Foam can offer. It is very durable, with medium strength foam covered with cotton textile. Mondeo can support the weight of up to 160 kg and its size is 75x54x10 inches. You can buy one for around ₦50,000.

5. Mouka Cozy Pillow

Pillows are as important for a comfortable and healthy sleep as mattresses. They support your head and offer some rest for your neck. The cozy pillow does this job very well, as it is made out of the siliconized fiber. Its size is 19×29 cm and to buy it you’ll have to pay an average price of ₦2,500.

6. Where to buy

There are a lot of offices of Mouka Foam all around Nigeria. Their head office is situated in Lagos, there also are offices in Abuja, Benin and Kaduna Depot. A lot of companies sell their products too. But if you want to get the goods for the best price, buy Mouka Foam on Jiji!

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