Staircase Design Ideas: 11+ Steps To Your Inspiration!

You have just bought a new house or want to remodel your old one? We offer you this list of the trendiest staircase design ideas. Here you will find a huge number of ideas for inspiration – from sophisticated painting tricks to unique museum-type staircase types like steps on cantilevered glass or a spiral staircase created by the Eiffel tower designer.

Check out these pieces of unique staircase design and get inspired about how to transform your house into a stylish piece of art!

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1. Types of staircase

Modern designers’ ideas are often difficult to classify but generally, staircases can be grouped into several categories:

  • Straight stairs;
  • Quarter turn stairs;
  • Half turn stairs;
  • Three-quarter turn stairs;
  • Circular stairs;
  • Spiral stairs;
  • Curved stairs;
  • Geometric stairs;
  • Bifurcated stairs;
  • The combination of the above types.

Modern Home Staircase Designs A modern home staircase design can make all the aesthetic difference in the world to your home decor. In fact it can even be the feature point of your living room or lounge area and the next level in your house.

2. Handrail design ideas

The most suitable materials for making the railings of the modern staircase are wood, metal, combination of wood, metal and glass as well as brick, ropes and PVC.

Check out these ingenious, unique and simply amazing handrail design ideas from all across the world!

100 Cool Ideas! STAIRCASE!

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3. Staircase designs ideas

3.1. Stripped-back stairs with a painted runner

These stairs feature bare brick walls and a runner painted white for an amazing contrast.

3.2. Internal spiral staircase

Internal spiral staircases can be made of steel or wood. Whichever solution you choose these elegant middle-aged style stairs will make your house really special and edgy.

3.3. Hall tapestry

A wood and iron staircase can be even more beautified by an exquisite tapestry hung in the hall of your house.

3.4. Wooden masterpiece

The wooden staircase makes an impression of a rustic splendor that adds dynamics to your hall and embellishes any minimalistic design.

3.5. Spiral staircase in white ancient style

If you want to remodel old spiral staircase, simply whitewash it preserving all the original features for a really trendy antique look.

3.6. Float away staircases

This almost magic-looking cantilevered staircase is held within a totally transparent glass wall. Opt for this variant if you like minimalistic chic and bold design.

3.7. Pink miracle

Don’t be afraid to play with bold graphic colors to accentuate different parts of your house.

3.8. Line by line

Put up timber open-work screens that will delicately separate the vestibule from the living room. This helps to achieve subtle but stable space division of your home allowing each “room” to have its own character.

3.9. The double sweep

This fancy double staircase with iron railings and ceiling lights will emphasize the elegant design of your mansion.

3.10. Fresh approach

Use the asymmetrical spaces in your house as cozy nooks with a sofa or other furnishings. For instance, place some chairs under the vestibule’s crenelated steel staircase.

3.11. French connection

If your house has mezzanine, opt for a vintage spiral staircase to access it. It will be a sculptural centerpiece of your apartment. Generally, apartments with mezzanine create more space and light in your home.

3.12. Staircase ideas to stand out of the crowd!

13 Amazing Compact Staircase Designs

Instead of the usual, carpeted staircases for your home, why not get a little more playful and stylish in that department? Let’s take a really good look at amazing compact staircase designs

4. Stairs painting ideas

Collections of Amazing Stairs!

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