Tap Buying Guide For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Whether you are completely remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or simply want to give your home and a new look and enjoy a better flow of clean water, you can’t do it without bathroom and kitchen taps. A tap is one of the most vital items of the home plumbing system.

Making a wrong choice while shopping for a faucet can lead to leakages and other issues with your bathroom or kitchen plumbing. Find out how to buy the right faucet and which types of taps there are, as well as see the best faucet brands in Nigeria.

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1. How to choose a tap

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re buying a tap that should last you for at least five years, which means it can’t be too cheap and you can’t just walk into a store and buy the first tap you see – there should be at least some research.

One of the essential parameters of a faucet is the water pressure in your home. Most households have a gravity-fed water system that requires a low-pressure faucet. However, there are also unvented hot water system, combination boilers, and other rare types of water systems that require high-pressure taps.

Another vital parameter of your future faucet is the configuration. For example, pull-out taps are great for kitchens, especially if you often have to do huge loads of dish washing. Mixer taps, which make it easier for you to get the right temperature of water by mixing the hot and cold running water, are another popular variety.

Finally, the last important aspect of buying a faucet is the look. If you have a vintage-style bathroom or kitchen, go for a brushed gold or copper faucet. Modern kitchen and bathrooms will be a perfect fit for shiny chrome taps. Keep in mind that shiny taps need much more maintenance and thorough cleaning than brushed metal faucets.

2. Best kitchen faucets

Given how many different types of kitchen taps there are, it’s not uncommon for buyers to get lost in the variety of faucets available in Nigeria today. Here are the most popular options today.

1. Vado England Life Sink Mixer

Vado Taps is one of the most commonly bought tap brands in Nigeria, and many of the kitchen faucet reviews praise their faucets. This tap has a flow rate of 16 l/min, comes in a stylish chrome finish, and is tall enough for any kitchen sink.

2. Twyford X52 Low Flow Kitchen Mono Mixer

Judging by the best kitchen taps reviews, Twyford Taps is another highly popular variety of kitchen faucets. This tap comes with an installation kit that will allow you to effortlessly put it in your sink. The low flow rate of 5 l/min will help you save running water.

3. Grohe Baucurve Eurostyle Cosmopolitan

The Eurostyle Cosmopolitan kitchen faucet from Grohe Baucurve can become the new stylish addition to your kitchen. The glossy finish and the unique shape turn this tap into a visual treat, while the adjustable flow limiter and the rapid installation system will make using this faucet a breeze.

3. Best bathroom taps

1. Cobra Star 111-20

Cobra is a best-selling South African brand that produces a wide range of bathroom and kitchen plumbing equipment. Cobra Star 111-20 first captivated buyers by its eye-catching look, but it has a lot to offer in terms of functionality. It’s suitable both for low and high water pressure households.

2. Sweethome Bathroom Mixer Tap

Sweethome is a popular bathroom tap brand that has already made its way into thousands of Nigerian homes. Most types of bathroom taps produced by Sweethome are built for low-pressure plumbing systems and come in a variety of attractive designs.

3. Aden Basin Mixer

Aden bathroom faucets come from the UK and are widely praised for their outstanding quality. The Aden Basin Mixer is equipped with a cascade aerator and will seamlessly fit into any bathroom design thanks to its attractive chrome finish.

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