Tips For Buying A Toilet: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

While choosing the types of toilets to buy, remember that an average person spends about two to three years on their toilet. The figure is impressive, right?

Therefore, it’s better to spend this time comfortably. Forget about any embarrassment and try to figure out all the tricks of choosing a toilet. And this structured and informative toilet buying guide will help you in this!

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1. How to choose a toilet: general questions

  • When buying a water closet, pay attention to any chips and cracks it might have.
  • Inspect the bottom since the toilet should not have any distortions.
  • Enamel coating should be everywhere. Look under the rim. As a rule, there is not always enamel finish on the hidden parts of the toilet bowl. And this will mean accumulation of germs and bacteria there.
  • Do not forget about the comfort. When choosing a toilet seat to evaluate your size and the habits of your loved ones. To do this, you need to sit on it. Trust us, compactness is not always a guarantee of the most comfortable toilet!

2. Different types of toilets

2.1. Water closet types by location:

The floor mount type is suitable if a budget solution is required.


  • Traditional solution;
  • Easy installation;
  • Large selection of models.


  • It’s rather bulky.

The wall hung toilet visually enlarges the space. The drain tank is usually hidden behind a false wall.


  • Facilitates the cleaning of the floor;
  • The mounting frame can withstand heavy loads.


  • High price.

2.2. Toilet bowl

A bowl, or bowl with a shelf. In this variant, the drainage hole is slightly shifted forward. There is a small groove in the way of drainage.


  • No splashes.


  • Bacteria accumulate on the surface;
  • Poorly flushed down;
  • Rust appears on the sides;
  • Unpleasant odor.

Funnel Bowl

In this construction, the drain hole is located almost in the center.


  • Minimum water consumption;
  • No odor;
  • Flushes down well.


  • If there is no anti-splash system, splashes are possible.

Canopy bowl

Just like in the bowl solution, the hole is shifted forward. The difference is that instead of deepening, there is a bend in the opposite direction.


  • There are almost no splashes;
  • Surface is well washed;
  • There is no smell.

2.3. Toilet flush system

Horizontal (the water flows in one direction).


  • Cheap;
  • Durable.


  • High water consumption;
  • The surface is not thoroughly washed;
  • An unpleasant odor is possible.

Circular: the water comes from three points on the circle of the bowl


  • Washes the entire surface;
  • Minimum water consumption;
  • Almost noiseless. No need for additional sound insulation.


  • High price;
  • The drain holes may get clogged due to the water hardness. This leads to a reduction in pressure.

2.4. Material

  • Earthenware: the most inexpensive and popular.
  • Porcelain: they are more durable than earthenware ones thanks to quartz sand in the composition. Porcelain toilets look very attractive.
  • Steel toilets are easy to clean and also durable.
  • Artificial stone. These seats are hygienic and resistant to mechanical impact.
  • Seats made of natural stone are very attractive but expensive. Due to the large weight and instability o mechanical damage, it is not entirely practical.
  • Seats made of plastic are easy to clean and install. However, they are unstable to temperature impact.

2.5. Method of connection to sewage

  • Horizontal: the outlet is strictly horizontal.
  • Vertical: the drain is located vertically on the floor. It is more common in country houses.
  • Angled: this one is the most common and universal. With the help of the corrugation, it is possible to attach it to the vertical drain.

If you choose the toilet correctly, the method of connection to the sewage doesn’t affect the overall quality.

3. Toilet brands: best of the best

  • Toto;
  • Saniflo;
  • American Standard;
  • Champion;
  • Niagara;
  • Eago.

3.1. Twyford water closet – the permanent leader of the industry!

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Design and quality of sanitary ceramics of this brand were appreciated even by the members of the British royal family – they have equipped the bathrooms of the royal palace with this product.


  • Elite sanitary ceramics;
  • Perfect appearance, variety of design;
  • Strict quality control system;
  • High and medium price level;
  • A wide range of accessories;
  • Reliability and durability;
  • 25 years of warranty!

And remember: while looking for best toilet reviews, browse only the proven forums where advertising is banned. On most selling sites and suspicious forums, you will find 90% fake reviews and biased opinions.

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