Tonto Dikeh Baby: See Her Bundle Of Joy

It doesn’t matter whether you follow celebrity gossip or prefer not to give it too much attention; there is one topic that attracts everyone’s interest, and that topic is celebrity babies. Tonto Dikeh baby is no exception, as the news of her giving birth was among the hottest ones last year.

For months we couldn’t wait to see Tonto Dikeh new born baby since the singer and actress tried to keep her family life private for quite some time. Finally, Tonto Dikeh baby photos are here and now you can see them too!

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1. Tonto Dikeh family

Tonto Dikeh famously comes from a large family, which means there is a big chance she’ll be inspired by her own family heritage and have a big family of her own. Right now the singer is the mother of just one baby, but we can hope for the family to expand in the nearest future.

In 2015 Tonto Dikeh became a happily married woman to her husband, Churchill Olakunle Oladunni. However, recently there’s been many reports that the marriage is on the rocks and there is trouble in Tonto’s paradise. She accused her now estranged husband of infidelity and inability to support his family and himself financially. Churchill Oladunni has yet to respond to the accusations, but at least her biggest treasure, Tonto Dikeh baby boy, is right beside her.

2. Tonto Dikeh pregnancy

There’s no doubt that Tonto Dikeh enjoys being a mother, but she also enjoyed being a pregnant lady. She didn’t put her pregnant body out on display and kept her pregnancy out of the paparazzi photos, but in her rare appearances during pregnancy in public, as well as her Instagram posts, we can tell that she had a happy pregnancy.

The Tonto Dikeh baby shower was one of the most talked about social events of 2016, and while there are no photos from that evening, the singer and her celebrity friends surely had the time of their lives celebrating Tonto Dikeh child.

3. Tonto Dikeh son

The first child of Tonto Dikeh was born on February 2016 and was named Andre Omodayo Churchill. Ever since Tonto welcomed her little one into the world, she hasn’t stopped expressing her joy of being a mother. She has positively spoken about breastfeeding and other aspects of motherhood.

The singer and actress have also repeatedly vowed to do anything it takes to make her baby boy happy. For a while, she preferred not to share the photos of Andre on social media, but once the boy turned one, the overjoyed new mother revealed what her son looks like to the world. Now you can see the beautiful baby boy too!

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