20 Things Must Do at Age 30 to Benefit Your Life at 50

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01d13973e0e4cd50d66fddc4f5e8b5fb[1]When a person reaches thirty, it begins a very interesting and important period in his life. It’s a time for foundation of your future life. So it’s necessary to take simple and concrete actions, don’t regret the wasted time and missed opportunities.

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1. Stop eat all harmful food

shutterstock_165821129-620x400[1]At early years our tastes of food are determined by our family. But in 30 years it’s time to include the brain and understand, that correct nutrition has direct connection with your state of health and longevity. It’s time to stop having a snack, eat pizza and hot dogs, drink beer and cola.

2. Don’t smoke

a0903067498_10[1]If you haven’t started smoking to 30 years, then don’t do it in the future in any case. If you already have this addiction, then it’s the time to quit. It’s hard to imagine a more harmful and stupid hobby, which damages the health and shortens life. Also it is expensive and smells awful!

3. Save (or restore) the relationship with parents, brothers and sisters

???????5Almost everybody of us had youth mistakes in the past – quarreled with relatives, stopped to communicate with the closest. But later comes the understanding that the most important thing in everyone’s life – is a family, and all of these storms, revolutions and beliefs come and go. So it’s time to restore the broken connection until it will be too late…

4.Always use sunscreen

Sun is harmful for your skin. Research shows that some types of skin cancer are most common among blacks. In addition, this disease in the majority of cases is detected at a late stage, that confirms obligation of sunscreen once more.

5. Do sports regularly

Man_vs_Woman_page-bg_13736Up to 30 years all people are relatively healthy. After 30 – healthy only those, who pays attention to this and exercises regularly. Don’t be lazy to do exercises, run, swim and and move in all possible ways!

6. Start to save money 

Save money, even little by little. Yes, this advice seems boring, banal and non-sexual, but it is really necessary. Now you have work, money, but you working form will start to fall, so all savings will be helpful.

7. Learn to appreciate everything you have

???????3One of the basic skills that you need for a happy life – is to learn to enjoy what you have and stop to be sorry for anything. Yes, this approach reduces your chances of becoming a millionaire, but you will live a peaceful happy life. What is more valuable to you? It’s your decision.

8. Stop to reserve all doings for future

Do you want to build a house? Want children? Buy a car? Learn to play the guitar? Get better education? Change your workplace? It’s time to start this today. No, after thirty, too, life doesn’t end, but then it will be harder and harder to start something new.

9. Follow the regime of the day

9_9 (1)You should understand the importance of proper diet and sleep. This helps you to save energy at the proper level all subsequent years.

10. Keep your teeth in normal

Let everyone who reads this point, the old man or old woman dream with dentures in a glass. Unlike other organs, teeth always bring more problems. Now run to the dentist and make your teeth in order!

11. Start to collect impressions, not money

Skydiver falling towards ground, smiling.Skydiving in California, USA.

Your personality is the sum of experiences and memories. One day you wake up and realize that all your belongings have no meaning and value. Only your memories and impressions will not lose any values over time and will always with you.

12. Be involved in charity

3210[1]Being young, many people help us to stand up. In old age, many people help us to hold out a little longer. And only in adulthood we have time for self-care and charity.

13. Conquer all your fears

If you would like to jump with a parachute, to conquer the mountain top, to participate in competitions or make a declaration of love to that girl – now this is the best moment! Do you want to sit and feel sorry for all your life, because you didn’t dare now?

14. Read at least 10 books a year

Woman reading outdoors

Not enough? Begin with such amount, it’s not bad, only if the books are correct. And then, perhaps, you will enter into the taste of reading every day!

15. Travel as much as you can

“I spent most of my life in front of TV and a monitor!” – it’s so sad perspective, is not it? If you don’t want these words were about your reality, you need as much as possible break out of the circle of daily routine and begin to travel. There is no better way to gain new experiences and impressions. And give your brain to rest.

16. Learn to meditate

meditacion-salud-mental[1]Sport makes your body in order, and meditation performs roughly the same functions, but for your mind and mental health. The benefits of meditation are confirmed by numerous scientific studies, so there is no mysticism or religion. Just daily cleaning procedure for your sole and mind!

17. Find yourself

When you are 20 years, you try to show your coolness and independence in every way, but in fact painfully worry about each view at your side. In 30 years, you shouldn’t compare yourself with others and begin to be leaded by your own opinion.

18. Keep a diary

tz3dxksec9fa9loithfq[1]If you haven’t already done it, now it is the time. You have something to remember, to share and to dream about. It’s a true, that many memories will be erased in future years, so try to fix all thoughts, photo, presents on paper or Internet blog.

19. Have your own, native home

Yes, this is a complex issue, especially in our conditions. Nevertheless, every person needs a place where he will seek to return and he rightfully can call home.

20. Start to appreciate friendship

102813-health-black-women-lupus-friends.jpg[1]At the age of thirty, as a rule, many of us have well-tried best friends, who are not afraid of any trouble. Appreciate this friendship, keep it and develop. Probably, you can’t find such people due to new site of your life. And, of course, being older it’s harder get along with people.

Share this simple rules with your friends and help to them become happy in the future!

Do you have your own rules to make you life after 50 years healthy and rich of impressions? Please, deal with us!

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