Aso Oke Designs: Engagement Fantasies Into Life!

Aso Oke for Yoruba traditional wedding is the whole world of bright colors and opportunities for self-expression! Picking a color scheme and styles for traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony may get really challenging for many Yoruba brides. This happens largely due to the great variety of vivid color and styles that catch your eye.

Look through these pics to get inspired and choose your ideal unique Aso Oke for engagement garment!

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1. Aso Oke designs engagement classics

The Aso-Oke is very common hand-made attire worn to Yoruba engagement. Besides engagement ceremonies, it’s also appropriate for other important events like fests, naming ceremonies, etc.

Aso-Oke comes in the following varieties:

  • Alaari is made of reddish waste silk;
  • Sanyan is light brown or beige fabric;
  • Etu is a navy dyed material with blue stripes.

Other popular Aso Oke varieties are White and Beaded types.

Nowadays you can choose among a large number of Aso Oke colors to make your look one of a kind.


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2. Yoruba traditional attire for engagement: the loveliest colors and their meaning

2.1. Cream

The cream color is associated with neutral calmness, classy style, and relaxation.

2.2. Gold

Gold is intended for extravagant individuals who want to show off their prosperity and vitality.

2.3. Green

Green expresses harmony, fresh start, growing plants, and fertility for the engaged couple.

2.4. Peach

This color means friendliness, elegance, and appreciation.

2.5. Pink

Pink is also associated with friendship and romantic relationship.

2.6. Purple

This deep color relates to royalty, ambition, power, and sagacity.

2.7. Red

This one has always been associated with affection, authority, passion, and joy on a sunny afternoon.

2.8. Royal blue

This color symbolizes belief, loyalty, trust, and serious intentions for the newly engaged or just married.

2.9. Turquoise

This one is a symbol of tenderness and calmness.

2.10. White

As always, white indicates cleanliness, purity, innocence, and kindness.

2.11. Yellow

This one expresses positivity, optimism, and happiness.

Once you have chosen the color, you have to make up your mind about the design of your garment. You can either pick the model in the store or have it tailored to your own needs.

100 Unique Aso-Oke Styles & Designs (Nigerian & African Wedding Fashion)

See 100+ pictures of latest aso-oke designs, colours and styles – as seen on stylish brides at top Nigerian weddings. You will gorgeous men and women wearing assorted exotic aso-oke fabrics – silk aso oke, lace aso oke and more.

3. Yoruba traditional attire for engagement: more beautiful ideas!

50 Unique Aso Oke styles For Ladies on instagram

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