Back To School Season! Here Are The Essentials You Can Get On Jiji!

The requirements for school uniform clothes are more loyal nowadays. Usually, the school requires wearing clothing of a certain color, the emblem symbolizing the educational establishment, and a certain number of clothing pieces to be worn on an everyday basis by every school pupil.

If you make some efforts and use your imagination, you’ll manage to create the right back to the school clothes shopping list and your child will always feel comfortable and look stylish at school!

1. Back to school clothes 2017: let go stylish!

1.1. Boys school clothes ideas

  • If your little guy loves classy clothes, buy him a classic suit of the required uniform color. You can choose shirts of your favorite colors and styles.
  • For a fan of sporty style, the ideal variant will be jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoody. You can choose the jeans of the color that your school dress code requires.
  • If your son prefers to show that he belongs to a certain subculture with his clothes, you will have to create his looks choosing particular shirts, t-shirts, a bag, and shoes. For instance, a rocker will normally wear heavy rough boots, a belt, and a cool decorated bag.

1.2. Girls school clothes ideas

  • If the school uniform implies wearing a skirt, a jacket, and a vest, you can also wear blouses of different colors and styles, tucking them in or wearing them loose.
  • A jacket or a school pinafore can be worn with a nice belt, bows, and buckles. You can also have a jacket tailored for you choosing the “school” color but with an asymmetrical lapel.
  • If your girl prefers a sporty style, but pants or jeans are not allowed by school regulations, simply choose a skirt that resembles a tennis player’s skirt and pairs it with a short jacket.
  • Accessorize with hair clips, hair bands, and emblems on the uniform.

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2. 7 main requirements for school shoes

  • Lightweight;
  • Comfort;
  • Natural materials, especially for the lining;
  • Elasticity;
  • Flexible sole, hard back, and partially closed toe;
  • Appropriate size (no more than 10 mm room to grow);
  • Aesthetical value, the harmonious combination with the school uniform.

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3. 6 tips for choosing a proper school backpack

  • The weight of an empty backpack should not exceed 1 kg;
  • The size of the backpack should be appropriate for the child’s height. Never try to buy a backpack that is too large hoping it would last you for several years.
  • The shape of the backpack is also important. It is better to buy one with a rigid wire frame. It perfectly keeps its shape. The rain drops should not stay on the backpack cover.
  • An orthopedic back is also of high importance. Choose a backpack with a semi-rigid orthopedic back: the pads on it support the spine, maintain a correct posture and evenly distribute the load throughout the back. The fabric on the back should be breathable.
  • The material should be waterproof durable nylon fabric because it is difficult to stain and easy to wash. Waterproof properties of the fabric are due to special impregnation.

It’s great if the backpack has plastic or rubberized bottom. Pay attention to the seams and edges – they should be durable.

  • The straps should be sturdy and adjustable. Make sure that they are of the same length!

The wider the straps, the easier it is to wear the backpack. The ideal width of the straps is 4-5 cm – these straps feel comfortable on the shoulders. Choose the straps with elastic padding.

It is great if the backpack has a front sling with a buckle that will hold the straps from sliding off the shoulders and provide some extra support for the spine.

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This is the main back to school clothing essentials list you should be concerned about. Think about adding some bright accessories to your child’s image to complete the kid’s stylish look!

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