Benefits Of Tiger Nuts & 8 Most Interesting Recipes

Tiger nuts have a bright nutty taste and are similar to coconuts but a little sweeter. There are numerous important benefits of tiger nuts: they are the leaders among root crops, being a source of balanced protein, vegetable fats, fiber, starch, essential oils, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, and B-vitamins. It’s also beneficial for your skin, hair, and nails.

Now, let’s consider the impact of the magic nut on the body in greater detail! We’ll also tell you how to eat tiger nuts as well as various interesting recipes with them!!

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1. Tiger nuts health benefits

  • B group vitamins restore the nervous system, digestion, and cardiovascular system;
  • Perfectly tone and improve mood;
  • Promote muscle and brain activity;
  • Effective against diabetes;
  • Raw nuts and the tea made from the leaves are powerful detox products;
  • Recommended as a pillow filling to fight sleep disturbance
  • Tiger nut tincture with vodka is effective against many diseases, including colds.
  • The extract has antibacterial and anti-parasitic effects.

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2. Side effects of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts have almost no contraindications, except:

  • Not recommended for patients with liver disease
  • It’s not recommended to eat lots of tiger nuts for people with excess weight due to high caloric content.

3. Tiger nuts and fertility

Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy:

  • Vitamin E prevents ovulation decline and normalizes periods;
  • Effective in complex infertility treatment;
  • Extremely beneficial for pregnant women and the fetus.

Benefits of tiger nuts for men:

  • Tiger nut is a powerful aphrodisiac;
  • Vitamin E significantly enhances sperm quality and raises testosterone levels.

4. Tiger nut and weight loss

Although tiger nuts contain a lot of calories, they actually help lose weight due to their balanced lipid composition with the predominance of unsaturated acids that activate metabolism and cleanse the body.

5. Benefits of tiger nuts oil for skin

Tiger nuts are used to produce oil by cold pressing method allowing you to save all the useful and unique properties of the plant. This oil is rich in oleic acid and low acidic, and, as a result, is amazing for your skin.

The oil is extremely versatile:

  • Antioxidant;
  • Slows cell aging;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Treatment of skin diseases;
  • Nourishment, softening and toning of the skin;
  • Anti-wrinkle effect;
  • Strengthens your nails and hair.

6. Ways to use tiger nuts and recipes

Tiger nut can be eaten raw, toasted and dried.

6.1. Tiger nuts and dates milk

How to Make Tiger Nuts Milk (with Coconuts and Dates) — Natural Aphrodisiac

Step by Step Method of preparing tiger nuts milk (with coconuts and dates) as a nutritious, delicious healthy replacement of processed drinks and as a natural aphrodisiac. Start Taking Charge of your Health and Happiness: SUBSCRIBE: VISIT ME: ASK DR MALIK: [email protected] Follow Me: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Partner With Me!

6.2. Tiger Nut Pancakes (vegan & gluten free)

Tiger Nut Pancakes // vegan & gluten free // with La Noix Tigrée

In this episode of Bubble Child, we’ve got the lovely Céline from La Noix Tigrée (Tiger Nuts) in Paris. She’s brought her cold-pressed tiger nut milk (which is not a nut by the way!) and we’re making vegan pancakes with it. So delicious, so easy. FULL RECIPE BELOW.

6.3. Tiger Nut Banana Pudding

Tiger Nut Banana Pudding (paleo & vegan) // with Organic Gemini Tiger Nuts

In this tasty episode of Bubble Child we’re using some Tiger Nuts from Organic Gemini to make a vegan and paleo Tiger Nut Banana Pudding. FULL RECIPE BELOW. Get the printable recipe and other allergy-free musings here: Check out Organic Gemini here: & on facebook here: We’re also (kind of) social: snapchat// bubblechildcook instagram// bubblechildcook Tiger Nuts are not nuts, they’re tubers.

6.4. Tiger Nut Juice

How to Make Tiger Nut Juice

Simple of description of how to make Tiger nut juice, also known as Kunu aya. Watch and enjoy

6.5. Grain Free Breakfast with Tigernut Smoothie Mix

Grain Free Breakfast with Tigernut Smoothie Mix

For all of those looking for grain free breakfast ideas, the new Tigernut Smoothie Mix launched by Organic Gemini is a great add on for your breakfast protein smoothie. When following a paleo grain free diet, grains, well, they are the first ones to go…

6.6. Raw pumpkin pie with tiger nut

raw pumpkin pie with tiger nut – raw vegan, nut free recipe

RAW PUMPKIN PIE RECIPE WITH TIGERNUT Just in time for Halloween (though I dont understand the concept of trick and treat!) I wanted to share this recipe with you. Actually if you are reading this in australia or anywhere in southern hemisphere it doesn’t make much sense to be excited about Pumpkin…

6.7. Roasted Tiger Nut Goo Glug

How To Make Roasted Tiger Nut Goo Glug (S1 E01)

Roasted Tiger Nut Goo Glug – Carp Bait Recipe Goo or Glugs are a popular choice when looking to add extra attraction to your carp baits. Here is a natural roasted tigernut liquid attractant recipe that can be knocked up for very little money.

6.8. Tiger nut rice

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