Fringe Hairstyles: Top Selection For Seduction

Hairstyles with bangs are really trendy right now, and they can make any girl look younger and more seductive! So, let’s get fringed!!!

Fringes are normally cut at or slightly above the eyebrows; they can be straight, ragged or ruffled. If you want to spice things up a little, you can spike your fringe up with some hair gel and other hair styling products. You can also wear it really long so that it covers your eyes – for a truly sophisticated look.

Let’s take a look which fringe hairstyles are worn today by celebrities and just by street style models!

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1. Fringe hairstyles 2017

1.1. Playful Fringe

This is, probably, one of the most loved fringe hairstyles for black ladies.

Gigi wears her fringe rounded off at the corners thus framing and emphasizing the beauty of her eyes and pronounced cheekbones. To create a fringe like this, use a hair dryer and an oval brush to bend your fringe inside a little.

1.2. Casual Chic

Soo Joo Park rocks her bangs with a lot of layers blending into the mass of her hair. At the sides the bangs are thin and they accentuate her face wonderfully. Even though this hairstyle looks natural and messy, it does require a mini flat iron to make your fringe a little flatter.

Do not forget about a heat-protective spray before you use heat on your hair!

1.3. Hit the bull’s eye

If you like a longer fringe to attract the attention to your eyes, try Rihanna’s haircut! First blow-dry your hair, shape the fringe with a small oval brush, and apply some pomade to accentuate certain pieces.

1.4. Lovely long Zooey Deschanel’s style

If your eyes are big and expressive, try this popular fringe hairstyle in Nigeria. This long fringe should get longer on the sides thus framing and emphasizing the eyes. This style will suit you especially if your hair is naturally wavy.

Wear this fringe style with the rest of your hair pulled up. Apply a little mousse to add some texture and eliminate too much frizz. Use a round brush to blend the bangs at the ends and blow-dry the finished hairstyle.

1.5. Side Sweep Glamour

This hairstyle will look lovely if you’re trying to grow out your bangs or if you just want to try this glamorous Emma Stone’s look for a night out. Sweep all of your fringe hair to the side and pull the rest of your hair up.

Tuck any shorter strands behind your ear. Secure the style with a little of hair spray.

1.6. Short & sweet feminine Crop

This is one of the most popular short fringe hairstyle in Nigeria among young girls that like to wear their hair short.

Anne Hathaway’s elegant short hairstyle is textured and edgy all over giving her a really tender feminine look. To create such a look, use a little amount of styling wax and pull some pieces around you face on the ends allowing them to fall naturally.

2. Types of fringes: the choice of black-skinned celebrities

  • Rihanna opted for straight sleek bangs that make her look quite vampy;

  • Kelly Rowland’s famous side-fringe has been copied by thousands of girls all over the world;

  • Tyra Bank wears her fringe long and piece-y in order to accentuate her eyes;

  • Ciara prefers piecey bangs to complement her bob haircut;

  • Beyoncé rocks retro straight-across bangs;

  • Kylie Jenner‘s fringe resembles Cleopatra’s look;

  • Kerry Washington chose short bangs that frame her face. She wears them with bouncy black curls with golden highlights.

3. Fringe hairstyle for round face: top 5 ideas

  • Lightweight tousled bangs swept horizontally;

  • Asymmetrical bangs dyed into the color of a candy;

  • Pretty flowy side bangs;

  • Playful messy side bangs;

  • Punky blunt bangs.


40 Best black hairstyles with bangs

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