Galaxy J7 Pro Versus J7 Max – Two Hot New Phones By Samsung

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world. Often compared with their competitors in Apple, they’ve made some of the most influential Android smartphones out there, and they continue to implement brave innovations and original concepts into their production.

Although some of the most known Samsung phones are their flagship phones of S and Note series, their mid-range product deserves some attention, too. The latest smartphones of this class, Samsung Galaxy J7, are great examples. Here are the Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro review.

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Both smartphones were introduced this June, but J7 Max was released the same month, while the Pro version came out a month later. As any phone, there are Galaxy J7 pros and cons, but what is the difference between these two phones? Let’s take a look at Galaxy J7 specs:

1. Display

We are starting our Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy J7 Max reviews with the first thing you see when you look on a smartphone – its display. And it also is a part, which differs the most in these two versions.

Although Max’s display is 0.2 inches bigger (5.7 vs 5.5 inches), it has the same FullHD resolution, as the Pro one does. This means that this Galaxy J7 Max specification is actually worse, because the display contains fewer pixels per inch, and, as a result, is less detailed.

2. RAM and CPU

Now let’s look at the insides of the phones. Galaxy J7 Pro is equipped with 3 Gb of RAM and octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex A53 processing unit. As J7 Max has a bigger screen, it also should have better hardware to run as smooth. And Samsung’s engineers have obviously thought about that, as they’ve put 4 Gb of RAM and 2.4 GHz version of Cortex A53 into this phone.

3. Battery

Screen size and hardware are the things that should dictate the capacity of a phone’s battery. Although software also plays an important part in power saving, it definitely is not as important as things, mentioned above.

In this case, Samsung did a counterintuitive thing and has equipped less powerful J7 Pro with 3,600 MAh, while putting a bit worse 3,300 MAh battery into the J7 Max. Both phones are holding enough without a recharge, but the Pro version will definitely be much more suitable if you want to use your phone for a long time.

4. Camera

There is not much difference between these versions in this department – both are doing great, with 13 MP front and back cameras, autofocus, face detection and LED flash. The only difference is that J7 Max is equipped with smart glow ring, which is a similar lighting technology that is used by professional photographers.

5. Price

Although the phones are not officially available in the country, you can still get them. Galaxy J7 Max price in Nigeria is around ₦300,000, and J7 Pro price is in the same price range. Or you can find Samsung J7 on Jiji for the lowest price and the best deal.

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