Top 30 Ghana Fashion Styles For Men And Women

African fashion is filled with outstanding trends, designs, fabrics, and styles. Every country has its own distinctive taste in clothing, and Ghana style is one of the most popular and beloved ones on the African continent.

In many ways, Ghana fashion styles are similar to traditional Nigerian clothing, but they’re still a unique and highly authentic kind of African wear. Check out the best styles from men’s and women’s Ghana fashion for 2017!

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1. Ghana fashion for women

A major part of any latest fashion styles Africa is the print. Today you can’t imagine a traditional Ghana look without a vibrant and complex print, where colors complement each other and create a one-of-a-kind pattern. That is why many of the Ghanaian fashion dresses you’ll see today will feature a beautiful and unique print.

The first fabulous dress on our list could be easily worn to all kinds of events. It’s elegant and sophisticated enough for a wedding, but we could also imagine any African celebrity rocking this bright-patterned dress to a red carpet event.

The next gown is a great choice of a casual dress that can be effortlessly elevated to evening wear. The knee length of the dress and the simple cut make this gown ideal for office or running errands, but by adding a couple of accessories like a belt or a pair of earrings you can also transform it into high fashion.

One of the most elegant types of Ghanaian dress styles is when a dress combines traditional Ghana fabrics with some other popular materials. Here is a great example of this trend: the neon print is masterfully paired with the feminine and stylish lace.

Here is the best proof that sophisticated Ghanaian dresses can also be playful and flirty! The full short skirt of this dress is a great choice for someone who wants to incorporate the classic Ghana style in clothing but give it a modern and youthful twist.

Ghanaian fashion can also be light and fun – just check out this cute sundress! It’s ideal for taking walks in the city on hot days when you still want to look trendy and elegant. The authentic Ghana print of the sundress will work great with all kinds of accessories and makeup.

2. Ghanaian African wear styles for men

Ghanaian fashion is as popular with men as it is with ladies. Men love to wear Ghana styles on a daily basis and for special occasions. Here are some of our favorite styles of 2017.

The first look is a great example of how Ghana print can be incorporated into everyday fashion. The printed T-shirt looks simply awesome with the shorts, hat, and sneakers, and the whole look is the epitome of men’s street style.

The next look is a great look for a wedding or other special event. It can be easily coordinated to your date’s outfit and has a strong casual vibe, although it’s elegant enough for even the most demanding occasion.

Next, we have the perfect example of the Ghanaian fashion styles that don’t necessarily include a traditional print. These three shirts have a distinctive Ghana design even without the prints, and you could wear them anywhere you’re required to look sharp and handsome.

Finally, there is a look that combines the classic Ghana print and men’s fashion styles you could see in every other country of the world. It’s an effortless summer look that could easily be taken several levels higher if you simply substitute flip-flops for sneakers or Oxford shoes.

3. Ghana fashion styles for couples

There are plenty of options in Ghana fashion for couples who want to wear matching outfits in their native style. You can wear fully matching shirt and dress, or use just one element of the Ghana fabric in both outfits – the result will always be elegant and authentic!

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