The Louboutin Style Guide

Can you name a more iconic brand of footwear? Owning a pair of Louboutin heels is considered to be a pass into the world of fashion and style. During the brand’s long and successful history, there have been dozens of available styles.

The shoe fashion changes very often, but most of the Christian Louboutin styles remain timeless. Check out the most popular Louboutin shoes ever created and find your perfect pair!

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1. Louboutin styles for women

While Christian Louboutin makes shoes both for men and women, it’s the women’s footwear that defined the designer’s career. Here is your full guide to Louboutin shoes for women.

Now let’s see some of the most popular models in detail.


The Daffodile was created by Christian Louboutin when the platform trend was only starting to gain popularity. These shoes are not the most office-appropriate pair of footwear, but they’ll definitely get you noticed in a club or restaurant.

Simple pump

If you’re a fan of a classic style in footwear, here are the shoes that will effortlessly fit into your shoe closet. These pumps will go with any outfit; besides, they are the answer to the question: “What are the most comfortable Louboutins?”, since they have the lowest heel out of all Louboutin pumps.


Batignolles is the must-have model for the fashionistas looking for ways to easily spice up any outfit. Even a modest pencil skirt will look 100 times more seductive when paired with these show-stopping stiletto heels with a pointed tip.


Bana by Christian Louboutin could be just another version of the beloved classic, the Mary Jane shoes, if it wasn’t for the sexy twist – the sky-high platform and the open tip. The extra strap makes these shoes much more comfortable and adds to their visual appeal.


Christian Louboutin’s Fifi is your ideal option if you’re looking for office-appropriate shoes that would also look perfect for a night out with your friends or a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. The universally appealing design and the thin yet reasonably high heel make this pair suited for anyone’s style.

2. Louboutin styles for men

Luckily for the stylish guys around the world, there are plenty of Christian Louboutin shoes for men that are worthy of your attention. While women can mostly choose from various styles of heels, men are more lucky, as there are casual shoes, sneakers, dress shoes, and more types of footwear from Louboutin.

Dandelion Flat

Dandelion Flat is a fabulous model of casual shoes. It comes in a variety of materials and colors so you can go as understated as black or brown leather shoes or as eye-catching as leopard print or golden-embroidered footwear.

Steckel Men’s Flat

Loafers and boat shoes have always been popular among men who love comfortable and stylish footwear. These shoes are also available in a variety of shades, and all shoes from this collection have one similar detail – a metal stud decoration over the soles.

Loubikick Flat

Many fashion fans were surprised when Christian Louboutin started making sneakers, but when his sneakers quickly achieved success, there were no more doubts. Loubickick is one of the brand’s best-known lineups of sneakers with a variety of designs.

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