Madivas Fashion: Best Styles For 2017

It wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to hear that fashion magazines have a huge influence on the style of their readers. We use fashion mags for inspiration on cuts, patterns, colors, combinations, and everything concerning fashion.

Madivas Fashion has been the leading style guide for millions of Nigerian fashionistas for years now. The magazine regularly publishes new and exciting clothing ideas, news, and looks. Check out the best Madivas styles 2017 right now!

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1. Madivas Ankara gowns

If you’re a regular reader of Madivas, you’ll know that Madivas dresses are the most frequently featured item of clothing. It’s perfectly understandable – after all, dresses are universally loved by ladies of all ages, especially when it’s Ankara gowns.

The first one of the gorgeous Ankara dresses is this stunning floral number. This look has every component needed for success: the seductive open back, the asymmetric sleeve, the beautiful full skirt, and the flawless color combination.

The next item on our Madivas African fashion list is this charming Ankara gown. The best thing about this look is how masterfully it employs the Ankara concept: by pairing a sleek black dress with colorful Ankara detailing and fashionable silver fringe, the designer presented the Ankara fabric in the best possible way.

If you’re in a mood for some native Madivas fashion 2016, but want to keep your look casual, here is a dress you’ll certainly love. The short length of the dress makes it a great choice for all kinds of occasions, and the flattering color scheme will make you look just superb.

Now here is Ankara in all of its glory! Who knew two contrasting neon shades could look so good together? The secret is the addition of black color, which ties the two shades together. Of course, we also should mention the cut, which is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

2. Madivas Aso Ebi styles

Aso Ebi is another type of outfits you can often see at Madivas, which means that whenever you’re struggling with creating a great look for a wedding or other important event, Aso Ebi Madivas fashion style is here to help you!

Many people think that the dress and the gele parts of the Aso Ebi should be precisely coordinated. However, you can also successfully wear different-colored pieces and still create a beautiful outfit, which is once again proven by this fashionista in a cool silver dress and blue gele.

The next one is an outfit you can spend ages looking at and still notice some new details after a while. The center of the look is, of course, the dress with the intricate fringe design. However, the golden gele, the hot pink clutch, and the pastel pink earrings all add to the appeal of this look.

Here is a great idea of a look if you want to style your bridesmaids in the latest Aso-Ebi fashion. The main elements of the looks, which are the dress fabric and the gele, remain the same, but the rest of the outfits can be styled whichever way you or the bridesmaids like!

3. Madivas looks for couples

Coordinated outfits for the wife and husband or boyfriend and girlfriend become more and more popular in Nigeria these days. What can be better than showing up to an event wearing a thoroughly styled outfit that unites you as a couple?

We love both of the outfits in the first look on its own, but together they look even better! The crisp-white Agbada of the man with the vampy lace gown of the lady and brought together by the use of the elegant dark red color.

The next look could be a great idea for a couple photo shoot or from visiting some social event together. This couple went one step further than most and actually used the same fabric in their two outfits. Look how well it matches both of their styles!

The third couple decided to go the more traditional look for their perfectly coordinated outfit. Their Yoruba-style wedding attire is an inspiration to us all: finally, you successfully incorporate traditional Nigerian fashion into every look!

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