Michael And Daniel Flora Fashion Styles You Will Love

Michael and Daniel Flora are three-year-old identical twins that are one of the biggest internet hits right now. Why did they get so much attention? All thanks to their Instagram account, where they post pictures of kids in identical or matching clothes. Right now, they have over 160,000 followers and a couple of thousands of likes under every post.

Michael and Daniel Flora’s style is well thought-out and can make jealous even some adults. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most fun styles these kids have demonstrated.

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1. Little businessmen

According to the twins’ mother, boys love to dress smart, and it is obvious, with a number of suits the kids wear on their photos. Apparently, they also like accessories, suitable for stylish and serious grown-ups, like ties and bowties, belts with original buckles and glasses. It really makes them look elegant and much more old and serious, which is kind of adorable.

 2. Young party goers

Michael and Daniel are grandkids of a famous Nigerian singer and songwriter, Charly Boy. Charlie Boy’s style is famous for being scandalous and sometimes outrageous, and it is obvious that his grandchildren have adopted some of this bravery in fashion sense. Some of their outfits are really fun and bright, and it creates a pleasant contrast with all the smart clothes they wear.

3. Casual style

These kids rock casual outfits, too. Simple T-shirts and jeans, sports clothing and flannels look just great on them. Their use of accessories is on point once again, with all the stylish fedoras, glasses and scarfs that boys wear so often. It is also worth noting that a lot of these outfits work so well because of the twin act so cool and confident in front of the camera.

4. Festive outfits

Moms love dressing their children in festive clothing during holidays. Apparently, Charlie Boy’s daughter is no different, as there are a couple of photos of the boys in Santa’s and reindeer’s outfits. They don’t look as fashionable in them, but the level of cuteness of these pictures if off the roof.

5. Contrasting clothes

People praise the twins for their identical styles, but some of the most liked photos on their accounts are the ones, where kids have contrasting elements in their outfits. Just by wearing the same clothes with the different color scheme, the boys are able to attract much more attention. Take a note from them and use this life hack if you want your kids to look stunning, too.

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