Mikel Obi’s Houses In Nigeria – Smart Investments You Should Consider Too

Mikel Obi, or John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, is a famous and successful Nigerian football player. He has gained worldwide fame by playing in the famous English football club Chelsea. Of course, the fame is not everything he has gained – decent payment for his skillful playing and a couple of endorsement deals has earned him around $25 million, and this number only grows.

Apparently, Mikel doesn’t like for his money to just sit on his bank accounts. Investing is a smart thing so no one could blame him. It appears that the football player is especially interested in a real estate market, as of right now there are not one, but six houses, four of them in Nigeria. Let’s take a closer look at the Mikel Obi’s houses in Nigeria.

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Except for his houses in Surrey and in China (where he plays for Tianjin TEDA and where his family lives right now), Mikel has houses in different parts of Nigeria. Here are the locations of the real estate he owns:

1. Lagos

Lagos is one of the most developed and alive cities in Nigeria. That’s why it is a wise choice to buy a real estate in Lagos, as the price for houses in Lagos will most certainly only rise. If you want to find yourself a home close to the Mikel Obi’s house, try looking at one of the houses for rent in Lagos.Mikel Obi’s house

2. Abuja

Building or buying a house in a capital of Nigeria must be a pretty expensive deal, but it is still probably worth it. Abuja is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria, but it also one of the most beautiful ones. Mikel Obi’s house in Abuja allows him not only to enjoy the beautiful view but also be close to the Nigerian political life, as in recently he paid a visit to Bukola Saraki – the Senate president. If you want to enjoy views and meet famous people too, check out the houses for rent in Abuja.

3. Jos

Jos is a much less populated city, then the ones mentioned before, and probably it is why Obi has chosen it as a destination for one of his residencies. Although the city is much less noisy, it is still a capital of one of the Nigerian states, so it has all the infrastructure you might need. Plus, Plateau State is a state of “Peace and tourism”, so it would be weird if there weren’t Mikel Obi’s house in Jos.

4. Lekki

Lekki is a second city that has probably been chosen by the football player because of its beauty and calmness. It is located in the Lagos state and it is almost completely surrounded by water (Atlantic Ocean and Lagos and Lekki lagoons). Although all of the previous houses were situated in areas with a tropical climate, Mikel Obi’s house in Lekki is probably the most suitable for a vacation.

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