Palm Slippers Design: Trendy Summer Footwear

There are hundreds of different types of summer footwear, and we all have our preferences. Some prefer canvas shoes, others love comfy plastic sandals. Another very popular variety of summer footwear is palm slippers.

Palm slippers have been known for centuries, but in the last few years, they have enjoyed a new wave of popularity. Check out some of the latest palm slippers and find your favorite palm slippers design right now!

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1. How to choose palm slippers

There are many requirements for summer shoes: they should feel comfortable even after hours of wear, they should let your feet breathe and keep them cool during the heat, and they should be durable enough to survive heavy summer use.

The most important parameter of your leather palm slippers should be the size. Badly sized footwear not only can give you painful blisters but can also ruin the appearance of your feet for a long time. While trying on slippers, pay attention not only to the length but also to the width of the shoe: people with wide feet normally need to spend more time looking for their perfect pair.

Another parameter to check while buying slippers is the sole. Many buyers consider completely flat soles to be the most comfortable and practical option, but the truth is that good slippers should provide decent support for your feet, which means they need to have a thicker sole and a deeper heel cup.

2. Latest slippers design for men and women

Women and men love palm slippers equally, and what’s not to love? They are one of the most comfortable and practical types of summer shoes known today. Here are some palm slipper designs you’re guaranteed to love!

If you’re looking for slippers with minimal coverage for especially hot summer days, here is a pair you’ll definitely love. There is only a dainty toe strap and the wider main strap, and the trendy brown leather will effortlessly fit into any look.

Another brown pair of slippers on our list is a pair that provides more support thanks to the additional strap around the heel. These slippers will look good in any setting, but they’re especially great for hiking and taking long walks around the city.

If you’re looking for a classic black pair of palm slippers, why not try this one? Their design is similar to the first pair, but the black color and the silver detailing make these slippers truly universal and much easier to pair with the rest of the outfit.

In case you are on a search for a more elegant pair of slippers, check out this sophisticated design. These slippers have a more complex design with multiple straps, but the most outstanding detail is, of course, the imitated snake leather texture of the slippers.

Here is a pair that will certainly become the favorite of thousands of Nigerian fashionistas. If you want to try something more exciting than classic black or brown slippers, this bright purple pair will be right up your street!

White has always been a very popular color for summer footwear, which is why it’s not surprising that white leather palm slippers can be often seen on the streets and in fashion photo shoots. With these clean white slippers, you’re destined to become the most stylish person in your city!

3. Designer palm slippers

The leading Nigerian and international footwear brands couldn’t stay away from the growing palm slipper trend, which is why this year there are plenty of the latest designer shoes you can choose from. Here are our favorites.

Gucci has released several pairs of leather slippers for 2017, and each one of them can be the perfect addition to your summer footwear collection!

These shiny white leather palm slippers are instantly recognizable: you can tell that it’s Versace right away, thanks to the detailing and attractive design.

As the true king of footwear, Christian Louboutin couldn’t keep from releasing their own version of palm slippers. These ones are decorated with studs, which makes them more edgy and trendy than any other slippers you’ve seen before.

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