Self-Tying Nike Shoes You Would Want To Have

We live in a great time: what was believed to be pure fantasy a couple of decades ago is finally becoming true. One of the most exciting news of this year is the introduction of self-lacing shoes – just like the ones we’ve seen on Marty in Back to the Future.

Self-tying Nike sneakers called HyperAdapt were announced in 2016, and they are famously hard to get. Find out everything you need to know about the Nike self-lacing shoes Back to the Future made us fall in love with!

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1. What is HyperAdapt?

After being inspired by Back to the Future movies, it took Nike several years to develop the concept of self-lacing shoes. The result of their hard work is HyperAdapt, the first ever shoes with an adaptive lacing technology.

How does it all work? Well, it couldn’t be easier! As soon as you put your new Nike shoes on, your heel will trigger the sensor, which will automatically adjust the laces for the most comfortable and customized fit. You can also regulate the fit manually with the help of the buttons on each side of the shoe.

HyperAdapt technology opens up a whole range of possibilities both for professional athletes and amateur sportsmen. Being able to ideally fit your shoes at any given moment will give you the level of comfort and confidence in your footwear you’ve never experienced before.


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2. How and where to get it?

As one would imagine, Nike’s HyperAdapt has been produced in limited quantities, which means you can’t just walk into any Nike store in the world and walk out with a shiny new pair of self-lacing shoes. The shoes are released in different colorways and in different parts of the world, while collectors and shoe enthusiasts line up in front of the stores to get their hands on the sneakers.

The new wave of HyperAdapt shoes in brand new colorways is expected to hit the stores in early autumn 2017. The locations where the sneakers will be available include NYC, China, Japan, London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

You could find your own pair of HyperAdapt online, but be prepared to pay a considerable amount of money for your dream sneakers: these shoes retail for about $750, which means they’re going to cost even more if you buy them from an online reseller. Still, with the groundbreaking self-tying technology and the sweet nostalgia of Back to the Future memories, it’s totally worth it!

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