Top 5 Tips To Survive The Ember Months And End Your Year On A High Note

The last quarter of the year, also known as the Ember months, is coming, and it is bringing an anxiety and stress of the end of the year. Lots of people are worried that they won’t be able to properly spend Christmas and the following holidays with their families, which is why they are starting to frantically try to earn some more money. Some people use unlawful methods to do so, which is why the crime rates in this time of the year are much higher. If you want to survive the Ember months in Nigeria without serious consequences for your health and wellness, here are a few tips to help you.

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1. Try to focus on the positive

Anxiety and stress often are followed by grim, negative thoughts. If you worry too much about what’s going on, you will only help your stressful thoughts to settle down. Try turning away from all the troubles and focus on something positive – people, who you love and who love you, something you love doing (either your job or your hobby), or simply that you’re alive and well.

2. Share your thoughts and troubles

Suppressed feelings are one of the main reasons for stress, anxiety and even depression. Talk about the things that trouble you with someone close to you, you will definitely feel much better, and maybe you will get a helpful piece of advice on a problem you wouldn’t ever be able to solve by yourself.

3. Don’t trust superstitions

Some people are afraid of the Ember months because of their beliefs in supernatural. Some of the more radical ones even gather for ceremonies and sacrifices during this period. Try not to pay attention to these wives’ tales, because there is no real proof of them. Don’t be fooled and scared, concentrate on real problems instead of fictional ones.

4. Balance your schedule

Don’t be seduced by the desire of working overtime to gain as much money as possible. Your organism needs its rest, both to restore physically and mentally. Also, you shouldn’t forget about your family and friends – all of them need you as a person, not as a money-making machine. Spending time with your loved ones will definitely improve your Ember months’ experience.

5. Stay healthy

Apparently, healthy body does mean healthy mind, as lots of studies prove that healthy diet and physical activity improve your chances of getting away from stress and depression. Working out or dancing to a fun rhythmic tune is proved to be the best, so turn on the radio and start moving right now!

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