Wizkid Shoes Colection & Starboy’s Starter Pack

Wizkid fashion style is known to be unique and very special all across Nigeria. The famous singer prefers minimalism blended with Nigerian traditions and statement accessories. The Vogue even titled him the best-Dressed Pop Star in Nigeria. As for shoes, Wizzy was noticed wearing Zanotti shoes showing his style and money status.

Let’s go on Wizkid best dressing tour and take a look at the clothes and shoes that he loves and posts in his Instagram. We’ll also share Wizkid’s image starter pack with you!

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1. Wizkid Balenciaga shoes

You probably saw Wizkid wearing his favorite kicks. They are Italian lovely Yellow and Black Balenciaga Race Runners that cost the singer $695 (N14k)! Wizkid liked the new shoes so much that he even posted a picture of his feet saying, ‘these Balenciaga’s are so comfy that I don’t want to take them off!”

He was later spotted wearing the same runners three more times!

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2. Wizkid Zanotti shoe

Wizkid enjoys shocking his social media followers and receiving tons of emotional comments, both positive and negative. So when he bought himself $610 Giuseppe Zanotti Khaki Camo Gold Leather Loafers he shared the pic of them on his Instagram page as usual.

However, what the singer’s fans were shocked by was not the price tag on the shoes but the unknown woman shamelessly demonstrating her large butt in the same picture with the shoes!

3. Wizkid’s Loubutin shoes

Wizkid and Fally Pupa were noticed in the private showroom with famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin in Paris. Wiskid was wearing his ultra-trendy Louis Spikes Men’s Flat shoes.


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4. How to dress like Wizkid?

4.1. The bandana style

Wizkid definitely brought back to life old-fashioned bandanas! He’s a real trendsetter!

4.2. The trucker hat

These hats seem to be the singer’s favorites and that’s how they became popular among a lot of young fashionistas.

4.3. Square framed dark sunglasses

Wizkid has also made these extremely trendy and popular.

4.4. Tattoos

Wizkid’s numerous tattoos are an object of many fans’ admiration.

4.5. Jewelry

Some jewelry is indispensable for a cool superstar look!

4.6. Jeans and sneaker game

Wizkid is a huge fan of Balmain jeans.

4.7. Traditional attire

When in Africa Wizkid wears African fabric and garments and looks amazing in them. Wizkid admits that it makes him think about the day his parents used to wear these clothes every day and he’s really happy that now it’s cool for young people to wear them too.

“It’s wonderful. We’re doing it in a different way. We wear these things a little more fitted. We have different styles of them, embroideries made by local people by hand», – says Wizkid in amazement.

Watch WIZKID showing off his clothes

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