8 Best Yoruba Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood, is improving every day. Almost every new film Nigerian directors make is better than the previous one. And Yoruba movies are one of the best of them all. There are lots of professional and talented Yoruba actors you will definitely enjoy seeing on a screen. So, here are some of the best Nigerian movies of all time.

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1. Adepate

This is not the latest Yoruba movies, but it is definitely one of the best Nigerian movies. As most of the Nollywood movies, it tells a story that is really close to reality. Its main theme is a relationship between a woman and her parents, and all the sacrifices people make to help their children to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

2. Talarole

This is definitely one of the 10 best Yoruba films ever. It is considered to be a modern classic. This movie explores the inequality of genders and it tells a story of a man and his children, a boy and a girl. A brilliant character development and a great story make this movie a gem and a must-watch.

3. Ogbon

This feature film is basically a dramatic love story, with a practically classic scenario of a love triangle. This is one of the latest Yoruba movies 2017, yet it has already received a lot of praise and fame. If you want to see a deep love story, this movie is just for you.

4. Maami

Maami is one of the other Nigerian Yoruba movies by Funke Akindele. It is based on the book of the same name and tells a story of a professional football player, his childhood and all the struggles he and his mother have come through. The picture has earned lots of awards and praise, but it is not as famous, so you should definitely check it out.

5. Aroba

Another movie about love and relationships, this film goes in much deeper. In a lot of details, it shows developing feelings of two people, it explores their intimate connection and how they are learning to trust each other. There are already two parts of this movie, and each is filled with great actors and admirable performances.

6. Gangan

Unlike the love movies, mentioned before, this picture explores another side of some relationships. It asks a question, should you stay in a relationship, when you feel unhappy with it, and it answers it brilliantly. The characters are the best part of this movie, they are very believable and real, mostly thanks to the talented actors.

7. Sonto Alapata

If you like mysticism, you will definitely like this movie. It tells a story of a man who has lost his father and who is trying to avoid his death. And in doing so, he achieves supernatural powers. It is really interesting to watch the following events to unfold, and, despite being unbelievable and fantastic, this movie is really about people and interpersonal relationships.

8. Pastor Were

Another film that is heavy on a mystical side, this movie also tells great, yet a totally unbelievable story about a pastor that goes mad during a service. The rest of the movie follows the salvation of the pastor, with an unbelievable method. It is definitely worth a watch, so be sure not to miss it!

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